Boiler Troubleshooting Guide in East Longmeadow, MA; Not Heating, Making Noises & More

Waking up to find that your home is incredibly cold is no way to start out your day. During the winter, when you have boiler problems, it can mean you are stuck with a pretty cold house until the problem can be resolved. There are several problems that come up with boilers that only an HVAC professional can solve. However, there are still certain instances you may be able to solve on your own without professional help. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning is here to share some troubleshooting tips with you in an effort to help you solve any boiler problems you may be facing.

Boiler Not Heating

When you aren’t getting the heat you need from your boiler, the first step is to try all of the simple fixes. Sometimes, it’s a matter of flipping a switch and the boiler comes to life. Here are some simple fixes that should be tried first:
Thermostat – Check your thermostat very first to be sure the heat is actually turned on. You should be able to see that your “heat mode” is turned on. If you are working with a manual thermostat it must be level or you haven’t turned your heat on.
Circuit Panel – Make sure a breaker hasn’t been tripped causing loss of power to your boiler.
Pilot Light – If the pilot light isn’t turned on, you can try lighting it manually. There is a part called the thermocouple that automatically shuts off the gas and this is a common problem.

Check the Boiler Condensate Pipe

The condensate pipe allows excess moisture to drain outside the home. If this pipe freezes and ice starts to form the boiler will end up shutting down as an ice dam builds up. You can plan on the boiler not running again until the ice clears.

Boiler Making Whistling, Humming, Whirring, Hissing or Rumbling Noises

When it comes to a boiler, there is a certain amount of noise all the time while it is running. However, if you here a low rumbling known as kettling, your heat exchanger needs to be cleaned due to lime scale buildup. If the loud noises are coming from the pipes, sometimes water gets trapped in return lines.

Boiler Leaking Water

Water leaks on are the serious side of boiler repairs. You don’t want to leave a water leak and allow other areas of your home to be damaged. Sometimes a damaged relief valve can cause water pooling as well as a faulty pump. This is a job best left to professionals with proper training.

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If you find yourself with boiler problems, and nothing you do seems to fix it, you need the help of the heating professionals at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning. We will walk through your boiler step by step to diagnose any problem that may be there and work to resolve it. You can count on the high quality work we provide and guarantee that you will be completely satisfied. Let us help you get your boiler running again. Call us today!

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