Is it Better to Repair or Replace an Old Boiler in Ludlow, MA? Cost of Installing New Energy Efficient Unit & More

The likely reason it is referenced to your central heating system, your boiler is the heart and center of your home, whether you realize it or not. You may notice it is not working efficiently or at all when it comes to your heating. To help you better handle the situation if it occurs, we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to discuss boiler repairs versus replacement today.

How Old My Boiler Is

One of the primary considerations you should have is the age. After about a decade, boiler manufacturers tend to discontinue spares and accessories on a vast range of boilers. This can make repairs challenging. When compared to their newer model counterparts, older boilers are less efficient as well. Over time and use, as with most units with mechanical parts, the boiler will deteriorate and become less and less efficient naturally. Because the less efficient they are, the more they cost to use. Your boiler is responsible for an estimated of about 60% of the average households’ annual fuel bills. It is critical to limit expenses as much as possible since energy bills notoriously rise each year Should your boiler be over 7 years old, it’s likely it is not energy-efficient. The cost of the day to day running of your boiler should certainly be a big consideration is a factor when deciding whether to pay out for repairs or, to invest in a replacement.

Boiler Keeps Breaking Down

Apart from the age of your boiler, there are other more obvious warning signs that tell you your boiler is possibly on its way out and you could do with getting a new one. Frequent breakdowns is one of these indicators. Not only is it costing in you in repairs and parts, when you need to call in a professional on a consistent basis, but your boiler continues to lose its overall efficiency and effectiveness.

My Boiler Smells Funny

Also, if your boiler has started to release a strange smell, becomes noisy or the flame is yellowing, it is a sure-fire sign a new boiler is required too. It is critical you have your boiler replaced by a trusted professional as this is an indication of a safety hazard.

Cost of Installing a New Boiler

The price of replacing a boiler cost less than you may suppose with the many programs, incentives, and other deals available. It is a simple decision when you look at how much repairs could cost throughout the year or even over the course of a 2 to 3-year period. Compared to the cost of paying out to replace it entirely, an older boiler will eventually need to be replaced soon in the not-to-distant future. In addition to the money-saving elements, there are other aspects to be considered, ultimately.

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No matter if your home is a cozy, one-bedroom apartment or a 6-bedroom family home, you want to make your home your own, not have a bulky or tired, older looking boiler on the wall. When it comes to your boiler replacement, there are many options. Call in the professionals of Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning for high-quality services, no matter if you decide you need a boiler repair or a boiler replacement for your Hampshire and Hamden County, Massachusetts home.

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