How to Stay Warm While Reducing Heating & Energy Costs in your Home this Winter in Monson MA

It can remain difficult to try and keep your home warm, and the energy bill low without sacrificing comfort. With the costly holiday season now in our review mirror, we are often trying to save a few bucks to spoil the ones we love. In keeping with the holiday festivities, your energy bill could have easily inflated with all those Christmas lights, guests and other activities. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to help save on your energy bill where your heating is concerned, but still allow you to remain comfortable in your home. We offer some helpful tips below.

How Can I Stay Warm in the Winter at Home?

1. Weather stripping. Do a sweep of your home where windows and doors are, and look to see if your weather stripping is still in good shape. Worn or torn weather stripping can allow constant cold air in, making your eating system work harder. Or if a homeowner is feeling chilly, they might reach for the thermostat, save your energy and get the weather stripping a replace. Generally, weather stripping is an easy replacing job, simply remove the old one, and tack on the new.

2. Thresholds. The threshold isn’t just used for newlywed traditions. If you can see daylight from under the threshold, you’ve got warm air escaping, and are allowing cold air in. The threshold usually has five screws, that more often than not just simply need to be retightened. Don’t screw it down too tightly, as that could cause your weather stripping to wear down quickly.

3. Unnecessary holes need to be patched. In another inspection of your home, make sure all holes around piping and your electrical outlets are well sealed. If it is generally not well insulated in these areas, you could be moving cold air in.

4. Unfinished attic space. Your unfinished attic should be well insulated, and this includes the door or hatch.

5. Programmable thermostats. Getting a programmable thermostat will help make sure your temperature is being adjusted in the sleeping hours, when your away from home, and the peak hours when you are home. Having the temperature set for specific times will ensure it never gets forgotten, but will always be the appropriate temperatures.

6. Heating tune up. Ideally you would have already had Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning out to clean, lube, inspect and tune up your furnace or boiler but if you haven’t, it’s never too late! We can service your heating system to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible this cold winter season.

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Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning can inspect your heating system and furnace or boiler to make sure that it is all working efficiently to keep your home warm this winter. Contact us today!

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