Can an Oversized Furnace Cause Problems in Hatfield, MA? Heating Costs Going Up, Uncomfortable Temps & More

Do you need to replace your furnace? Then you may be wondering if you should have a bigger furnace installed. Bigger means better, right? When it comes to a home heating and cooling system bigger doesn’t actually mean better. For those who are tempted to buy what is referred to as an “oversized” furnace, keep in mind that you do not want to do that. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the problems that come with an oversized furnace and why you need a properly sized furnace for your home.

Heating Costs are Going Up

One of the main reasons behind buying a bigger furnace is to save money. People think a bigger unit should heat up a home faster and use less energy or fuel. Unfortunately, this is not how furnaces work. A bigger furnace actually means more power or fuel even when heating up a smaller space. When the furnace is not properly sized, it is very inefficient and will cost more money to heat up your home. Not only will it cost you more money to heat up your home, expect more repairs and the cost to fix your furnace. If you are looking to save money you do not want a bigger furnace. You will be saving money simply by replacing an older furnace with a newer one. Modern furnaces are designed to be more efficient to reduce the environmental impact of the furnace. You will already be saving money when you replace an old furnace.

Excess Wear & Tear on Furnace

When you have an oversized furnace the heat cycles are erratic and not stable. The erratic cycle of an oversized furnace causes stress on a number of the components which will lead to premature wear and tear. A newer furnace will begin to develop problems leading to costly repairs if it is oversized. Overheating is another major problem. Of course you need heat to warm the interior space. However, with too much heat being produced the furnace will overheat and cause unneeded stress on the unit. Overheating can lead to short cycles, a cracked heat exchanger and more. To avoid premature repair and a total furnace replacement never install an oversized furnace.

Uncomfortable Indoor Temperature

When a home has the same temperature throughout the entire house, it is referred to as “Air Balance.” Air balance ensures the temperature is equal which adds more comfort wherever you go inside your home. When you have an oversized furnace, you will never have air balance. You will have areas that are ways too hot and other areas that will stay cold in the winter. This is because the furnace will create too much heat and will shut off before the heat is properly distributed throughout the home evenly. Basically, you will be very uncomfortable in your home.

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When you need to replace your home’s furnace you will want to get the right sized unit. A professional heating and cooling technician can properly calculate your home interior space and make sure you get the right sized furnace. For heating and cooling services, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our services today.

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