Why is My Boiler Working But Radiators are Cold in Granby, MA? Faulty Valves, Need a Flush & More

When your boiler’s radiator isn’t working properly, this is a major problem for the home’s heating system. When the radiator in the home is not heating up, you may be able to fix the problem yourself. Depending on what the problem is, some can be easily corrected while others will require a professional to come and repair your boiler and or the radiator. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share how to troubleshoot a cold radiator and what will needs to be done to restore your home’s heating system.

What Happens when a Boiler Fails?

If the radiator is not heating up there may be a problem with the boiler (or central heating system). Often a cold radiator is a sign that there are bigger problems that have occurred with the boiler and not so much the radiator itself. Check your boiler, see if it is operating, making odd noises, and whether or not you have hot water coming from your faucet. If not, then your boiler has failed and not the radiator, in which case you should seek a boiler repair services.

Can Air Get Trapped in a Boiler?

If your boiler appears to be operating properly, one of the reasons why the radiator may not be heating up could be that there is some trapped air. Trapped air is a common problem at the beginning of winter as air can develop in the radiator over the summer. However, air can still build up even while the heating system is in use. You will want to check this situation by bleeding out the air. The radiator has a bleed valve that will release any air, so simply open the valve and see if there is any air coming out. If there was air trapped in the radiator, once it has been released, the radiator should begin warming up rather quickly.

Can Radiator Valves Be Faulty?

If trapped air in the radiator is not the issue, next you will want to check the different radiator valves. There is a right and left valve. Make sure both valves are open. One of these valves is the thermostatic radiator valve that can seize up, which will cause the radiator not to work. If the valve feels tight or is corroded, it will need to be replaced. If the valve is stuck, then contact a heating repair service to come and replace the valves.

Is a Radiator Flush Necessary?

Sometimes the radiator can become clogged up with mineral deposits and/or sludge. When this happens, the radiator and possibly the entire boiler system will need a power flush. When flushing out the system, you will remove all of the sludge and minerals inside the radiator which will allow the radiator to properly heat up. When the radiator develops minerals you may hear tiny rocks bouncing around inside the pipe. Sludge can cause a gurgling sound. If you radiator is making any of these odd noises, it needs to be flushed.

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