Central AC Maintenance for Pet Owners Westfield, MA; Tune Up, Best Air Filter, Dog Proofing Condenser & More

Requiring care and maintenance is necessary when it comes to the HVAC system and those with indoor pets, there is a significant increase the responsibility. On the quality of air you breathe, your pet has in your home. Consider extra caution and care as you follow the steps recommended below to secure your health as you continue to share the comfort of your home with your furry friends. With this in mind, we at Ambient Heat & Air Conditioning would like to discuss to the extra care pet owners should employ for their HVAC system.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Because the pollen and dirt can build up in your pet’s fur, it is good to bathe the pets regularly. This can range from weekly to once a month. It depends on many factors such the pets fur and exposure to dirt and dust etc. The particles that collect in pet’s fur are potential causes of allergies and they can be easily circulated in your home and may reduce air quality. It is important to keep your pet clean in order to avoid discomforts, health risks, and even break downs.

Clean House Often

As their animal routines, even trained pets, cannot stop your pets from staying in one corner to another. Vacuum clean carpets and furniture and mop the floor and other surfaces need to be cleaned daily.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

On a routine basis, there is maintenance that needs to be done by the individually and by a professional. Being essential for keeping the HVAC system clean and running smoothly, professional maintenance needs to be scheduled throughout the year. The maintenance can help better manage the pet fur/dander that builds up on the equipment in addition to preventing the spread of allergens brought by having pets in the house.

Best Air Filter for Home

There are many variations of HVAC system filters on the market. Should you have a pet, or you are planning to have a pet, select an HVAC filter with high MERV rating for more efficient function. It is highly recommended that a MERV rating of 8 and higher is the AC filter. These filters can better filter the airborne allergen including pollutants and contaminates.

Air Duct Sealing

Make certain the air ducts are sealed. Settling within the air ducts, the pet hairs and dander can easily be present if leaks are affecting the ducts. Be sure to inspect the ducts periodically for leaks and ensure the air ducts are cleaned regularly.

Cover Exposed Wires

Your pet can likely find wires and enjoy playing with them as well as chewing on them. If this occurs, problems can be within your unit in addition to hazards. Keep wires hidden and out of reach of your playful pets to avoid hazards.

Dog Proofing Air Conditioner Condenser

Condenser units need to be protected with covers. Although they are located outside, your pet can find its way there and may damage the fins. Some pets, like dogs especially, may urinate on it, just as the potential urination on furniture and carpet. What you need is an extra sense of responsibility for the HVAC system.

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