Home Central Air Conditioner Smells Bad in West Springfield, MA; Musty, Burning or Exhaust AC Odors

There are some things you do not want to come home to find. You don’t want to walk in and find your AC has stopped working on a hot day. You don’t want to have a flooded house from a leaking water heater and so much more. Another issue that you don’t want to walk into is an odor that is coming from somewhere in your house. There can be smells that are coming from several spots in the house. One of the areas that you might start to notice odors from is the air conditioning unit. The AC should be able to run smoothly to cool the house without disrupting your way of life. When there is a bad odor that is coming from your unit it means there is a problem and you need to have it inspected and repaired. They can be minor and easy to fix to a major problem that can be dangerous for you and your family. You want to make sure you know where the odors can come from and what needs to be done. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what odors you might have from your AC unit.

Air Conditioner Smells Musty

One of the odors that you might start to smell in your home coming from your AC unit is musty odors. These musty odors are similar to when you leave a load of laundry overnight in the washing machine. It can also be similar to bad smelling feet and locker rooms. This is not an odor that you want to have when you walk in your house. This is why if you start to smell these types of odors you have a professional HVAC repairmen out as soon as possible. The most likely culprit is the condensation line that is installed with your unit outdoors. Its job is to take the moisture and condensation and remove it from the unit. When the line is clogged the moisture builds up and starts to smell damp and musty. You want to make sure that the lines are clear and repaired by a professional.

Why Does My AC Smell Like Burning?

If you smell electrical burning you want to make sure that you act fast. You always want to make sure that you call no matter the day or time since this can be dangerous to your family. There are other areas that these smells can come from but there are electrical components that can be shorting out. When it does it can start to smell like burning electrical. You want to make sure that you call a professional that can make the repairs right away.

Exhaust Odor from AC Vents

When you are driving behind an older and you catch a whiff of their exhaust you likely move over and roll up the windows. Now imagine being in your home and getting that same smell. The odor can be when the motor has fluids that are leaking out and dripping down the motor creating the smell of exhaust. Then the odor is getting in the house from the outdoor fan. It is best to be sure that these leaks are taken care of.

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