Central Air Conditioner Making Loud Buzzing or Squealing Noise when Starting in South Hadley, MA

There are lots of ways you can tell something is in need of repair. You may notice that something has visual damage. You also can smell something that is off and recognize that you need to call to have some repair made. All of your senses can help when you are trying to identify an issue with something in your life. When it comes to your air conditioning unit you can also use your sense of hearing to determine that there is a problem. You want to make sure that you know what to listen for and when you need to call out a professional to make some repairs. There are some sounds that are okay to hear and there are many that are a problem and a great sign that you need to call a professional. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning outlines some of the sounds that mean you need to have your AC repaired.

Outside Air Conditioner Unit is Squealing

One of the sounds you might hear from your air conditioning unit is squealing. It may not be too loud but you will notice it. The sounds comes from the unit outside and you can usually hear it from in the house as well. It will start to squeal when the AC is running and if you start to hear it you want to call out a professional. They will come out and look for a problem with the motor that might be going out. They also can be looking for a belt that has gotten lose and needs to be replaced as well.

AC Unit Makes Loud Banging Noise when Starting

You may also start to notice that there is a bang when the unit starts up. It can also continue to happen while it is running or even when it stops. You want to make sure you listen for any banging sounds and call out a professional. The professional will come out and look for parts that are broken off and moving around the unit. If all the parts are not secured they can move around and cause more damage. it is a good idea to stop using the unit until after the repairs have been made.

AC Making Clicking Noise

Sometimes you may start to hear a clicking or a buzzing sound. This is usually an issue that is attributed to the electrical part of the AC unit. The sounds are telling you there is a problem with the system and you want to make sure that it is inspected and repaired right away. The clicking is usually switches that are turning on and off because there is a hiccup in the line. The signal that is trying to reach the unit is being interrupted and that is causing the clicking. The buzzing is more than likely a problem with the actual wires. These are both issues that can lead to a potential fire hazard which is why you want to have them repaired right away.

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Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning can come out to your home and troubleshoot problems with your AC unit if you hear unusual sounds. Call us today to meet with one of our experts to resolve all of your central air conditioning problems.

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