Clogged Central AC Drain Line Symptoms, Troubleshooting & Repairs in South Hadley, MA

Not only does your air conditioner remove heat from the indoor space, it also removes humidity. A lot of moisture out of your indoor air can be excessive during the particular sticky days of summer and as a result the drain line sheds the condensation that air conditioner produces removing the humidity from the air. Initially, the water collects in your air handler’s condensate drip pan where it then flows into a drain tube that flows outside your home. Over time, the tube can become clogged over time and if not rectified quickly, water damage can develop. Today we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to elaborate on clogs in the drain line.

How Does the AC Drain Line Get Clogged?

Clogs form as the water that collects in your air handler’s condensate pan, has microscopic bacteria and other tiny particles from the air within it. The water leaves behind a residue that can build up to form algae, mold and even wet clumps of dust and dirt which accumulates the residue in the line. Additionally, being that the line leads to the exterior of your home, clogs can easily form from the that end of the drain. The drain line exits can get clogged by dirt clods and during the dormant season, insects can build nests in the opening.

Clogged AC Drain Line Symptoms

Depending on the type of features in the air handler, once the drain becomes clogged most modern air handlers will detect the drip pan being full and respond by shutting down the unit. Some of the sophisticated models will send a text or email if this occurs. Where this is an inconvenience, the drip pan overflowing causes even more problems. Should your air handler not include this feature, you will not usually see an issue until the water dripping through your ceiling or out of your vents. Immediately switch off your air conditioner as this is a reflection that the drip down has already overflowed.

How to Unclog an AC Drain Pipe

Clearing a clogged drain is not a simple task, it requires specific equipment, along with working in a tight space if the drain originates from the unit in the attic. Ultimately, a professional should handle this job to ensure it is done efficiently. It is usually quick with a professional, and most will respond as an emergency service, so you can get your unit back on and avoid further water damage.

How to Keep AC Drain Line Clear

Generally, you can avoid air conditioner drain line clogs by ensuring you invest in routine maintenance service by a trained and certified technician. During the maintenance, we clean the drain line after inspecting it for any clogs. If any clogs are forming, we remove the clogs and clear out the residue buildup.

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