How to Improve a New Central Air Conditioner Performance & Efficiency in Holyoke, MA

When the time comes that you need to invest in a new air conditioning unit, it can be rather stressful. First you will need to determine which size is correct for the place you’re cooling. Next you must consider the cost, and lastly the longer term care and maintenance. When putting forth the investment of installing a new air conditioner, it is important you make all of the right decisions. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share how to get the most out of your new air conditioner and the investment you are undertaking.

What to Look for when Buying a New Central Air Conditioner

When you begin investigating new air conditioning units, you will have an overwhelming selection of brands, models, various features, and specs that have unfamiliar industry language that can make the whole experience more confusing. When investing in a new air conditioning unit, your main focus should be on upgrading. This doesn’t always mean buying a bigger unit, but instead, a more modern unit. Every year technology advances. You will want to make sure you get the right sized unit, but look for one that has the best “SEER” rating. The better SEER rate will help with efficiency which can save you money. With modern technology you may want to seek out one with certain features such as WIFI thermostat systems, solar readiness and voice search. Another benefit of modern air conditioners is that they run not only much more efficiently, but much quieter as well.

Air Duct System of New AC

Another consideration before buying a new unit is your air duct system. You will want an air conditioner that is compatible with your current air duct system, or another option is replacing the duct work along with the new air conditioner. Better air duct systems can improve efficiency. Additionally you may want any damages repaired first before installing a new air duct to prevent or hasten wear of the new air conditioner. If it’s hard for you to determine proper size and air duct needs, you can always contact a professional HVAC installer. They have current knowledge of the best brands and know how to calculate the size and air duct compatibly.

After Installation of Central Air Conditioner

After you have found and installed your new air conditioner, you will want to protect your recent investment. First you should see some savings especially if your home was running on a much old air conditioning unit. Keep a close eye for any indicators of manufacture errors. It is better to detect a lemon in the beginning while you still have a current warranty. To ensure the longevity of your recent investment, you will want to make sure all of the routine maintenance is regularly preformed. As air conditioners endure regular use it is natural to develop wear. To prevent major problems, have your HVAC system inspected and serviced. This will prevent major problems and extend the use of your air conditioner. Routine inspection and tune ups involve cleaning and repairing the air conditioner as it needs it. Therefore, it is recommended to have the air conditioner inspected and serviced twice a year, once in spring and again in fall, just before the air conditioner and heater endure vigorous use.

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If your air conditioner needs inspection, maintenance, or repair, Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning can help along with helping install the right and best air conditioner for your home or business. For all of your HVAC system needs, contact Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning.

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