Common Air Conditioning System Electrical Problems in Westhampton, MA; Tripped AC Breaker & More

An air conditioning system runs on electricity and utilizes a number of electrical devices to operate. An air conditioner system can develop a mechanical or an electrical problem. To determine why an air conditioner isn’t properly running, you will need to figure out if your problem is mechanical or electrical. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like focus on the common electrical problems an air conditioner can develop and some of their common signs or symptoms.

What Causes AC Wires to Burn, Fray or Corrode?

Throughout the entire air conditioning system is a series of wires that act as the passageway for the electricity to get to the various component in the cooling system. The electrical wiring can become damaged, corroded, or even frayed. When the wiring is compromised, the electricity cannot travel to or supply the components with the needed power. You will discover that the air conditioner may not run at all or the cycle ends when the power supply to the next component isn’t starting up. If your air conditioner is experiencing erratic behavior or is not starting up, the electrical wiring may need to be replaced.

Bad AC Capacitor

The air conditioner uses capacitors to help the different motors. In an air conditioner system there are two types of capacitors. They are the start, and the run. A capacitor will wear down with age or it can become damaged which in turn causes the capacitor to malfunction. The motors that depend on the capacitor to start them up and then supply them with a constant flow of power will not be able to operate. When a capacitor goes out you may be able to hear a humming noise, or the air conditioner will not finish a cycle. For example, should the blower motor’s capacitors go out, the cooling system will not blow cool air through the air vent. It is not uncommon for capacitors to wear or burn out and need to be replaced.

Tripped AC Breaker

An air conditioning system will require a lot of power to operate. As a result an air conditioning system has its own dedicated circuit and breaker. When the breaker to the air conditioner keeps on tripping you will need to have the air conditioner and the electrical system inspected. The electrical line or circuit will need to be inspected for damage and the breaker itself inspected. The circuit line and or breaker to the air conditioner may need repairs or need to be replaced. If the air conditioner system has developed a mechanical problem it can lead to stress and overheating which will trip the breakers. You will need to discover the source of the overload and have the problem repaired.

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When an air conditioner develops electrical problems they need to be repaired as much as the mechanical. If your air conditioner is making buzzing or humming noises this often points to an electrical problem. Other signs may be short cycling or the cooling cycle ends abruptly. In addition, your air conditioning system may develop erratic behavior. For quality air conditioning services, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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