How Do I Know if My Refrigerant is Leaking in Goshen, MA? AC Short Cycling, Warm Air, High Energy Bill & More

Quite a few homeowners often stumble across issues that are frequently brushed off and consider a minor problem. When it comes to your air conditioning system, there is no issue that you’ll want to just brush off without having a professional at least look at your system. Refrigerant loss is one those problems. Losing refrigerant is more serious than you may think and requires a licensed pro. The refrigerant component is a necessity in order to literally make the cooling process possible. If you have reason to believe that your system is losing refrigerant it is time to give us a call. Damage can occur the longer this issue goes unresolved. Refrigerant loss is what we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share today.

Signs of AC Refrigerant Leak

Unlike gasoline from a car, refrigerant is not a substance that runs out naturally. Though this a common misconception among homeowners, refrigerant is constant and runs on a cycle. Refrigerant starts as a liquid and changes to a gaseous state and back to a liquid that is continually put through a process. When refrigerant is not at the appropriate levels either it was not fully charged at the time of installation, or the more likely reasons, there is a leak. A few common signs of a leak is listed below.
1) Inflating Energy Bill. When you have refrigerant loss, your air conditioner has to run longer in order to try to reach the desired temperature you set on your thermostat. Your utility bills will spike as a result of the more needed energy. Despite comparable use if you ever notice that your energy bills are drastically higher than they were the same time the year prior, it is almost always a sign that something isn’t working as efficiently as it should, and your air conditioner could very well be the culprit.
2) Ice Developing on Coils or Refrigerant Line. It is not good to see ice on your air conditioner, though a common occurrence. Your air conditioning’s functioning is impeded by ice and can eventually cause it to break down.
3) AC Short Cycling. Short cycling is the term given when an air conditioner, or central heater, is cycling on and off in rapid cycles instead of completing a full cooling cycle. Since short cycling is not only a possible symptom of refrigerant loss, but it can also cause exacerbated wear and tear on the system as well.
4) Warm Air. Something you should note is if the air doesn’t seem cool, or if it’s that the airflow isn’t as powerful. You should still call our team for help though low airflow isn’t necessarily a sign of refrigerant loss.
5) Hissing and/or Bubble Sounds. The sound is likely refrigerant leaking out either in its liquid or gas form.

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At the time when they are installed, though rare, sometime air conditioners are not properly charged with enough refrigerant. Refrigerant is lost due to a leak more often than not. You want a trusted expert for help since refrigerant can only be handled by a licensed professional, and the leaks need to be repaired first. For repairs and refrigerant recharging call Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning.

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