Dirty Condenser in Chicopee, MA? How to Clean AC Coil & Outside Central Air Conditioning Unit

There are lots of ways that people tend to prepare for the upcoming warm weather. You might go out and plan a trip to enjoy the sun. You might get your house cleaned and your winter gear taken out of the house and stored. You also might do some preparation for what happens in the spring and the summer. The plants are in full bloom and that is why most people like to have their yard and property pruned, trimmed and cleaned up. You also want to be ready for the change in the weather. The warmer weather is welcomed for most but you still want to make sure you have a way to cool the house down. That is why you want to know how to clean the unit that is left outside the house. There are many benefits that you will enjoy when you have your condenser coils and unit cleaned properly. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning outlines how to clean your condenser coil and outside AC unit.

Turn Off Power to AC Unit

The first thing that you want to do when you are working with any large appliance is to make sure that you are safe. There are lots of things that can go wrong from injury to yourself to damage to the unit. When you want to clean your condenser coils you want to make sure that you shut the power off to the AC unit first. You do not want to touch a wire that might be live and become injured. If you are not sure it is best to have a professional do the work for you. You can use the power on the outside of the unit of you can use the electrical panel in the garage. There is a breaker that is labeled the AC unit and you can shut it off to stop the flow of electricity. This ensures that are you are working on it you can be sure that you will not be electrocuted.

Clean Outside of AC Unit

Once you have the power off to the unit you want to make sure that you are working from the outside first. The outside of the unit has a casing that is usually placed over to protect the moving and working parts. The casing needs to be cleaned off as well since it is the first line for debris to fall. This can be anything that is falling and flying around your home. Bird droppings, leaves, dirt and much more. Through the dormant months the unit has sat and collected these contaminants which should be cleaned off before you start to use it. You can use your hands to bag any debris that you can grab hold of. Then you can use a soft bristle brush or a vacuum to clean away any other debris that cannot be grabbed off. Then you can remove the casing so that the coils and fan blades are exposed.

Clean Dirty AC Condenser Coil

This area is a major part of the unit and you want to make sure that you are careful when working with it. Be sure to use your vacuum attachment and move slowly and methodically through each blade, base and coil to remove as much dirt and debris as you can. Then you want to make sure that you replace the case and turn the power back on.

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