DIY Home Maintenance Tasks VS Professional HVAC Inspections & Tune Up Service in Blandford, MA

HVAC maintenance is important, as most understand. With fewer repairs, lower energy bill, reduces catastrophic breakdowns, longer lifespan, and keeps the system in good health with fewer repairs, with proper maintenance keeps the system in good health. Care responsible for homeowners and maintenance for the professionals are listed below by Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning.

DIY HVAC Maintenance

Ideally, a professional cooling system maintenance in the spring, and on the fall heating system maintenance should be scheduled in the fall. Should you have a heat pump that is designed to operate all year, be sure to schedule professional maintenance every 6 month. Apply the following steps below throughout the year.
1) Give the outdoor unit at least 18 inches of clear space as it needs to be free from vegetation. Be sure to trim back the foliage.
2) Every month, the air filters need to be changed or cleaned. Air filters that are clogged restrict the airflow, which affects the overall efficiency of the system. Be sure to make a system for yourself to remind or consider investing in units and/or thermostats that can notify you that the filter needs to be changed.
3) The vents and registers need to be clear. Make certain any clutter, furniture or other objects are removed.
4) Remove the dust buildup on the unit’s exterior.

Professional HVAC Inspection & Tune Up Maintenance

If you lack the knowledge, tools, and skills, tune-ups and other maintenance is better left to the licensed professionals. The certified professionals take care of the following:
Condensate drain: When cooling units and furnaces function, condensation is produced. The condensate collects in a pan and drains away to the outside, the buildup can cause obstructions that block the drainpipe. Professionals inspect these drains and cleans them if they need it, since the drain pan may overflow and cause water damage that can affect to the system and/or your home.
Evaporator and condenser coils (cooling specific): With dirt and debris caked on the coils, proper function cannot occur. Clean the coils is a major part of the HVAC system tune-up, to make sure it is functioning accordingly and not impacting the energy bill.
Lubricate components: Too much friction can be harsh on the systems and without the lubricant on the necessary parts it can be damaged from getting overheated. Lubricate helps parts move smoothly against one another, which reduces the electricity usage and it reflects on your energy bill.
System controls: Executing at a very specific sequence, the cycle, operation and shut-off is essential. Professionals ensure the sequence is in-sync.
Blower: An insufficient blower can impact up to 15% of the efficiency and during the maintenance services the technicians take of the blower.
Thermostat: To make sure comfort in every season, the thermostat needs to be calibrated correctly, and the professionals ensure it is done.
Electrical connections: Loose connections often cause a shortened lifespan of the system, poor performance, and hazardous conditions.

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There are many other aspects that the professionals take care such as checked for efficiency, safety, performance, fuel line connections from the gas pressure, the refrigerant charge for the cooling system, as well as burner combustion and heat exchanger heating system. For your maintenance, and other HVAC system services, call Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning.

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