Troubleshooting what Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working in Palmer, MA; Bad Thermostat & More

Issues and snags develop over time and use with your furnace. Some issues stem from poor installation, but the need for repairs eventually do manifest. More often than not, the problems the furnace faces can be easily repaired, however, others may result in the need for a furnace replacement. Not only can the problems be fixed, but a lot of the common furnace repairs are done fairly quickly. When the trouble with the furnace starts, you should hire a licensed professional for immediate assistance to help you get your home comfortable and warm fast. There are a few more common issues that the furnace demonstrates that we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to focus on today.

Bad Thermostat

The furnace’s thermostat malfunction will cause imperfections in the home’s heating system and reduce comfort. To have this easy issue repaired, a professional can quickly assess the thermostat’s deficiency and make the quick repairs. The wiring often tends to be the source and to ensure safe and proper repairs, a professional can make rapid work of it.

Furnace Pilot Light Flickers Yellow or Goes Out

The small flame that ignites the furnace is called the pilot and it activates when you turn your heat on. Should the light burn out, or any other problems arise, taking the proper and necessary measures to re-light the pilot is essential. Make certain you research the topic or contact a HVAC professional to ensure you are doing it safely and proficiently.

Clogged Air Filter Problems

A rather common problem with the furnace is filter troubles, especially since that many homeowners do not realize that they have to replace them. Once a year, the filters should be replaced as a vital element to your home HVAC system’s maintenance. Replace the furnace filter frequently to keep the clean air circulating through the house in order to help keep your furnace running effectively.

Weak Air Flow from Vents

If the system ever gets backed up or clogged, the airflow restriction presents a problem. The home will be more comfortable and secure when you take the steps to keep the airflow up to par. The pipes in the system, known as ducts, are strategically placed throughout the home become built up with filth, and may have to be blown out and cleaned. Filters may need to be replaced, vents and registers may be cleaned, and clutter need to be removed.

Neglecting Furnace Maintenance

At installation, furnaces are an investment and with maintenance and repairs, the furnaces can have a substantial cost. Without maintenance, the costly problems keep accumulating up and you will just to continue to have them fixed instead of preventing them.

Furnace Wear with Age

Over time, furnaces wear down. Wear and tear that might make it not as functional or efficient as it works hard with the demand. Due to aging furnace that cannot keep up with the demand, when the wear and tear becomes an issue with your furnace, consider the age of the unit and determine if a replacement is in your better interest.

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