Do Ceiling Fans Cool a Room? Do they Use a Lot of Electricity When Running in Granby MA Homes?

Most people are still in the middle of winter and haven’t thought much about cooling off yet but this is a great time to research ways you could be wasting energy and find ways to keep you cooler when the summer hits. When the weather gets too warm to be comfortable, most people will click from heat to cool on the central air conditioning unit and set it to a temperature that is comfortable for all the members of the family. The number one way to keep cool in the summer is to be inside a home or building that has air conditioning. Sometimes it may seem that the battle to keep the house cooled and not have to pay a massive amount on energy usage is never-ending. One way that most people assume they are helping to cool the air in a room is to install or turn on a ceiling fan or stand up fan and have it run all day long. You may actually be adding more to your energy bill and it may not be helping the way you think it is!

Is it Safe to Leave Air Conditioning Fans on All the Time?

The air in your home is run through a series of duct work and recirculated through a return air system that will then either cool it down or heat it up and send it back through the duct and into each room in the home. This is the only way that the air is actually able to be cooled to a lower temperature. A ceiling fan does offer some comfort but not by cooling the air. The air that a fan pushes around is the same temperature that the room is already. The fan has no cooling mechanism and that is why when you turn it off or walk away from it you will notice that you don’t feel as cooled as you did. Why is that? The biggest reason that you may be tricked into thinking the fan is cooling you is because your skin has sweat on it and when the forced air hits it, it will start to dry up and in the meantime the sweat will cool off. The only way that a fan helps is when you are right under it. You can save yourself some money and energy by always turning off the fans when you leave a room. They only offer added comfort when someone is sitting in the direct vicinity.

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