Do I Have a Boiler or Furnace in Springfield, MA? How Heating Systems Work, Common Problems & More

When you are looking at getting through the cold winter you need to have access to something that will warm your home. The warmth comes from different devices that are necessary in making your home feel comfortable. The air outside is cold and being out in the cold can make you feel uncomfortable. That is why it is so important to have a good working system that can heat the house. Some people choose to use a space heater which does produce heat. The problem is that this is only a temporary option and will only heat a small area of the house. The heater also is not always a safe option if you forget that it is plugged in or you use it incorrectly. The better option is to use a furnace or boiler to create the heat that you want in your house.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Outlines the Differences Between a Furnace & Boiler

How is Heat Created in a Furnace & Boiler System?: When you want heat in your house you probably don’t really care how it occurs as long as it works. There are two main types of heating systems that you can have in your home. One is called a furnace and one is called a boiler. The furnace might be more widely used and the heat is created at the unit. The air is heated using natural gas or oil and then pushed into the house. The heated air can go through the house and warm it up. When the house reaches a certain temperature it will shut off. The heat uses the duct system to get the air to all the rooms of the house. The boiler will use heated water to make the warmth that is then sent through the house. The water is heated or boiled then sent through pipes that will create the heat that you want.
How to Care for Your Furnace or Boiler: When you are looking at what it takes to care for your heating unit they each have their own needs. They both need to have some form of maintenance and repair on a regular basis to keep them running. You furnace may need to have more maintenance on a regular basis while the boiler needs a more extensive amount of work but can be spread out. Be sure that you consult with a professional to determine the needs of your unit.
Troubleshooting Furnace & Boiler Problems: Just like any type of appliance that you have in your house there will be problems. They each have troubles that will require them to be repaired. They may lose heat meaning they are not getting the energy that is needed to create the heat. They can also have trouble starting and working efficiency that can be from a problem that can be repaired. The best option that you have is to use a professional HVAC repair person to inspect and diagnose the issue.

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