Does Closing Air Conditioning Vents Make Other Rooms Warmer or Colder in Monson, MA? Yes … And Cause Premature Wear & Need for Emergency HVAC Repairs!

The appliance in your home that is going to use the majority of the energy is the air conditioning unit. The unit needs to use a lot of energy to run and keep the house at a temperature that is comfortable for the residence. It will use more energy in the summer trying to cool down the house than it will in the winter trying to warm it up. The units have come a long way compared to the amount of energy they used to use. They are much more efficient than NOW but there are still some things you can do to save even more on energy. You can make sure that you have your unit maintained by a professional as well as change out the filters on a regular basis. You also can be sure that you replace your air conditioning unit when it quits on you. Some people believe that they can save energy and usage on their unit by closing the vents in the rooms that they are not going to be using. Maybe you have a guest room or office that is not used very often. You still want to leave the vents open.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Explains Why You Never Want To Close Off Air Conditioning Vents To Rooms You Are Not Using

Closing Air Vents Costs You More Money & Energy: The thought is that if you are trying to cool off an entire home the unit is going to need to cool or heat enough air to do that and if you want to stop air going to a few rooms due to lack of use that is less air that has to be cooled. The problem is that the air conditioning system is just not made to do that. The unit is a particular size and rating that is dependent on the square footage of the home. The duct work is installed to go to each and every room so that they all get the treated air. The unit is calibrated when it is installed in your home and is going to treat and cool or heat the air that it is set for. It also will require the right amount of air flow from the return air to function adequately. When you block off several rooms by closing the vents you are in turn stopping that amount of air flow to the unit. This can cause some stress on the unit and that can end up causing it to run more than necessary and that will cost you money. Not only on the amount of energy used but also on the wear and tear of the unit itself.
How to Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency: If you want to get the most efficiency out of your air conditioning unit you should run it the way that is was set up. Leave open all the vents throughout the home and set the thermostat to the desired temperature. You can also use a digital thermostat to be sure that it is adjusting depending on the needs of the home and the people that are home at any given time.

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