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One of the most expensive appliances in your home is the air conditioning and heating unit. It also uses the majority of the energy that your home uses on a regular basis. They are manufactured to last around 10 years as long as the unit is cared for and maintained properly. You can do that by hiring a company that has experience in the industry such as an air conditioning repair company. There is a lot that many people don’t know about their unit such how it works and why it should be maintained. If you want the unit to last as long as possible you need to be sure that it is cared for.

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Why Do I Need to Have Maintenance On My AC Unit?: Your AC unit is a big investment when it comes to your home and usually when you spend a lot of money on an item you take good care of it. You take your car for an oil change and tune up so why not the AC unit. The unit is a large working appliance that has many parts that needs to be cared for and maintained to work correctly. It is a great idea to have maintenance done to extend the life of the unit as well as increase the efficiency of the unit which in turn will save you money.
How to Turn Off the Air Conditioner: When you come across a problem and your air conditioning unit or heater is malfunctioning, many times you want to turn off the power to the unit. The reason is if it is left to run and there is a broken or damaged part it can lead to further damage to the unit and even more parts. Make sure you know where the breaker is to the unit so that if you notice a problem you can switch it off and stop the flow of electricity to the unit until a professional HVAC repairman can come out to make the necessary changes.
Scheduled Maintenance HVAC Service: There are many working parts on your HVAC unit and that means that you need to be sure they are all clean and cared for. One of the most important parts of the unit is the condenser. It is an important part of the unit and needs to be cleaned and oiled. There are also coils that if left with dirt and debris will cause them to stop working. You also need to make sure the fan is functioning and working the way it is meant to. Overall the unit needs to be looked over and cleaned off and any damage repaired regularly.
Replace the Filters: The filters can be part of the maintenance of the unit since you need to have them replaced often. The filters are there to catch any debris that is left when the air is circulated through the return air. The filters need to be replaced to ensure that as much debris is caught as possible.

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