Energy Saving Tips; Ways to Conserve Heat & Save on Heating Costs in Your Holyoke, MA Home

With the cooler temperatures settling in, you may now be using your furnace or boiler to help keep your home warm and comfortable. However, for those who may be looking for a few tricks to help reduce the heating bill and find more efficient ways to keep warm, Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning has a few tricks we will share with you to help you stay warm while saving money.

Ways to Save Heat Energy in Your Home

1. Keep doors closed off in unused rooms. During the summer months, it is often said to have all the doors within the home open to promote better air circulation. This is just the opposite during the winter. To help hold heat inside the home, keep the doors shut in any unused rooms within the home to help hold the heat.
2. Change your ceiling fan directions to rotate clockwise. For those with ceiling fans, it is common for the ceiling fans to have a switch on them that changes the direction of the fan. Typically, the fans will rotate counter clockwise in the summer to help push cool air down into the room. Some often forget and leave the ceiling fan rotating in the wrong direction that helps circulate the air. Once the fall season begins you will want to change the direction of the ceiling fan to clockwise. This way your indoor air can still be circulated but won’t push cool air that you’re trying to warm.
3. Add layers or rugs to hard flooring. Tile, wood, and laminate floors, will absorb and hold onto cold temperatures. This only causes the furnace or boiler work to harder to warm the inside of your home. Add large area rugs over the tile to help prevent these types of floors from getting too cold and help make you feel warmer.
4. Make the household members warmer. It helps for heating usage if the household members use simple methods to keep warm such as changing the bed sheets to flannel bedding instead of cotton. Also wear warm clothing and most importantly, warm socks.
5. Insulate the radiator. There are some simple DIY methods to insulate the radiator such as using tin foil. By covering the back side of the radiator, it reflects the heat back into the room, often the heat can escape through the walls.
6. Don’t use the bathroom fans. Fans inside bathrooms are designed to remove the heat and humidity caused by showers and baths. In the summer, it is wise to utilize these fans. However, in the winter it leaves the humidity and heat naturally created by the shower or bath to circulate through the rest of the home or direct areas.
7. Change the layout of furniture. Most people don’t realize how much heat furniture can absorb. Make sure to adjust the furniture so it isn’t blocking the radiators or vents so the heat can flow efficiently. Additionally, put sofa and couches near widows and let plenty of light in during the day and close the curtains at night to help hold in more heat.

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By using these few simple methods, you can help keep your home warm this winter and have your home heating system work less, thus saving you money. If you need more advice on keeping your home warm and your heating system running smoothly this winter, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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