How to Save on Heating Costs in South Hadley, MA; Furnace or Boiler Inspection & More

As fall gets into the groove of things, you may be kicking on the heat in the not too distant future. Keeping you and your loved ones warm is important in the freezing Massachusetts winter. Where you need the heat to survive, you are probably trying to think of ways you can cut costs on the high heating bill. With that in mind, we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share some tips and advice on how you can cut costs on heating without sacrificing the warmth.

How to Conserve Heat in Your Home these Cold Fall & Winter Seasons

1) Insulate unfinished attic space. The unfinished attics are often insufficiently insulated. Whether time has depleted the insulation volume or it was inadequately insulated at the time of construction it is important that you ensure the insulation is up to par. Don’t forget the hatch leading to the attic is also insulated accordingly.
2) Invest in programmable thermostats. With smart thermostats and programmable thermostats being affordable, if you do not have one, we strongly recommend the upgrade. Have automatic adjustments during bed time or the hours when no one is home can help, especially if you are the forgetful type.
3) Utilize heating pads and blankets. Using heat pads or electric blankets in the right applications will reduce the power consumption as less power is used to operate those individual accessories as opposed to splurging on heating the whole building.
4) Replace weather stripping. Assess the condition of the weather stripping around the windows and doors. If they are cracked or you can see daylight seeping through or even a draft, the weather stripping should be replaced. If it is not in good condition, the warm air you are paying for is leaking outside as well as the cold air outside coming in. When this occurs your heating is trying to compensate for the loss, increasing your energy use and the bill as well as putting more strain on the system, leading to repairs.
5) Tighten thresholds. The thresh hold isn’t merely designed to carry on wedding traditions as the groom carried his bride into their abode. But all too often the thresh hold can become loose over time with foot traffic and other such abuse. Like the weather stripping, if you can feel a breeze or see daylight, tightening the screws should be enough to rectify the situation; otherwise a quick replacement might be in order. Thresh holds typically have 5 screws that hold them in place, just avoid screwing them too tight as too much tension will damage the weather stripping or expedite the wear.
6) Seal vulnerable spots. Evaluate the structure and patch up the cracks and holes that exist, particularly around utility lines, pipes, and electrical switches and outlets.
7) Use portable space heaters. Portable space heaters are exceptional they can heat. They are ideal when you only need to localize additional heat and very cost effective.

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In additional to these tips, investing in an overall HVAC inspection and heating maintenance services from Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning can help in your efforts; call us today to get started!

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