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The New Year has arrived and with it comes the cold winter temperatures that leave us zipping up our jackets and even putting on an extra layer of clothing before we venture outdoors. There is nothing better than entering into a home on a cold day and being welcomed by warm air pumping through the vents. While most winter days have you running your heater, there is often an odd and unexpected warm winter day that may have you thinking about turning your air conditioner on for a spell. Your home can get too warm quickly from places like your kitchen oven or natural sunlight coming through the window.

Air Conditioning Inspection Reports

While most home owners practically ignore the condition of their air conditioning unit during the winter, it is a good idea to have regularly scheduled inspections performed on your air conditioning unit throughout the entire year so it is ready to work properly for you and your family when the real hot temperatures arrive. One common occurrence during the winter is having your air conditioning unit freeze up. There are many different circumstances that can cause your air conditioning unit to freeze up. Hiring a professional A/C technician is the best way to keep your air conditioning safe throughout the winter.

Causes of an Air Conditioner to Freeze Up

There are many different factors that can cause your air condition unit to freeze; one of those factors is the refrigerant charge. If your air conditioning unit is running low on refrigerant or if the fluid is improperly charged, then your air conditioning unit will eventually freeze. Leaks are a common cause of refrigerant problems, and often occur when moving parts are rubbing together when they shouldn’t. It is important to regularly inspect you’re A/C unit for any sign of leaks. Leaks can cause a great deal of damage to your unit if not repaired immediately.

AC Unit Freezing Up from Outside Temperatures

One of the biggest reasons that will cause an air conditioning unit to freeze up is the outdoor temperatures. When you decide to run your air conditioner on a cooler day you are putting your unit at risk of freezing up. Most central air conditioning units are not designed to work properly when outside temperatures reach 60 degrees or less. While your home may feel a little too warm for you or your family, it is not necessary to turn your unit on during the winter. The best way to quickly cool the inside of your home down is to crack open a window or door to allow cool air in and that will decrease the temperature of air in your home.

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