Is it Safe to Use an Electric Space Heater Rather than Having your Heat Pump or Heating Unit Repaired in Monson MA?

During the cold of the winter the weather outside makes it so that you have to use the heater. The heater is part of the HVAC unit that can either send cool air or heated air through your home. If the heater is broken your home will become as cold as the weather outdoors. In many places the weather is unbearably cold and living in it is not safe for anyone. Some people wrongly assume that the cost to repair the heater in your home is too much and they think they can just use a space heater to have the house heated up.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning has reasons why using a space heater is a bad idea and repairing the central heating in your home is a much better idea.

Space Heater can Overheat
: If you have a space heater that has been purchased in the last few years they are manufactured with a sensor that is supposed to stop them from overheating and should stop them when they reach a temperature that is too hot or if it has ran for too long. The problem is that too often the sensor fails and the space heater will in fact over heat. When it does, it can become a burning hazard and a fire hazard as well.

Space Heaters Can Tip Over: Another problem with using a space heater is that it is not attached to a sturdy spot and is usually removable so that you can take it to the room that you want to use it in. Even if you place the space heater on a hard sturdy surface, it can be knocked over by a dog or small child that walks by. This can cause damage to the flooring or counter that it is sitting on and could also result in a fire being started in your home.

Space Heaters are a Fire Hazard: Even if the space heater has a good sensor to stop overheating; if the heater is too close to a curtain or other fabric like next to the couch it can catch fire and set your home ablaze. It can be as far away as three feet and still heat the fabric enough to start a fire.

Repair Your Central Heating System: The best option to keep your family safe and warm is to have your heater repaired when it goes out. Our expert repair technicians can come out and evaluate the damage and offer an estimate to have your heater back up and running in the fastest time possible.

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