How Efficient is your Furnace Heater in South Hadley MA & is it Leaking Heat? Call Ambient Air Conditioning & Heating for Emergency Repairs!

The heating and cooling system in your home uses the majority of the energy that you will see on your power bill. Even if you have an efficient heater you are still going to use quite a bit of energy to run it throughout the winter. The heater heats up the air and sends it to your home through a series of duct work. The amount of energy that is required to get it up the temperature that you want and keep it there is quite large. That is why you don’t want to lose any of the heat and your hard earned money with it.

Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning has prepared some of the ways heat could be escaping from your home and how to prevent it.

Where is Heat Loss in a House

One of the signs that you are losing heat in your home is if you have a high energy that it out of the ordinary. Another sign is if you have rooms that are not getting as warm as the rest of the house. The first cause of heat escaping your home is through windows and doors. Not the actual window or door but through the gap between the window or door and the frame of the house. They are all manufactured with weather stripping that can stop the heat from escaping but over time the weather stripping can crack or come out and this is where the heat can escape. The other culprit is if you have holes or cracks in your air duct. This is the system that sends the heated air through the house and into each room. If the duct work has any damage the heat can escape and end up in the crawl space or attic and will not end up heating your home.

How to Prevent Heat Loss from Windows, Doors & Ducts in your House

You can stop the heat from escaping by going through the house and looking for weather stripping that is broken or cracked. Go to a home improvement store and pick up some weather stripping and replace it in areas that need it. You can look for gaps during the day time hours to see if there is light coming through. The air duct gaps need to be repaired by a professional. They can come out and repair the broken pieces of duct and inspect the unit at the same time.

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