Common Furnace & Heat Pump Problems in Holyoke MA; Call Ambient for Troubleshooting, Inspection & Emergency Repairs

The cold months are here, and for a while it’s just going to get colder. We all depend on our furnaces to keep us warm this winter. As with any appliance, proper maintenance and tune ups are essential for efficiency and care. But, many ask themselves what are common furnace problems I should look out for to deter major catastrophe?

Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to relate the common failures and issues, and give some tips on taking care of them as they arise.

1. Lack of Furnace Maintenance. Out of sight, out of mind. Making sure your furnace is regularly maintained might be a hard one to remember, but it is very important. During routine maintenance and inspections, a trained professional from Ambient heating and Air Conditioning can spot a small problem and resolve it before it gets out of hand and causes major malfunctions and costly repairs. Get your furnace inspected by a pro at the start and end of furnace season.
2. Furnace Wear and Tear. Like everything with moving parts, eventually the parts in a furnace get worn out. Neglecting these issues can result in a faulty furnace not keeping your air flow temperature regulated.
3. Dirty Air Filters. Filters need to changed monthly. A clogged filter can result in the fan malfunctioning.
4. Heater Pilot Control or Electric Ignition Issues. If the ignition or pilot are acting faulty, it could be extremely difficult to keep your home or business warm. Drafts, clogs or thermocouple problems could be at fault, and a professional should be hired to deal with the problem at hand.
5. Furnace isn’t Producing Enough Heat. With this issue, it is more commonly found the furnace itself is the wrong size, and adjustment needs to be made.
6. Thermostat Malfunctions. If thermostat doesn’t seem to be up to the task, a fan may be at fault. In many cases, a simple battery change may be all that’s needed.
7. Furnace Doesn’t Produce Any Heat. Power, gas, pilot light or thermostat could all be to blame. With so many variables, it is best to hire a professional.
8. Blower Runs Continuously. A limit switch is generally related to the blower running consistently, a professional needs to replace this part.
9. Abnormal Noises From Furnace. Rattling, squealing, and rumbling noises are not normal, and is a sign something is in need of attention. More than likely mechanical failure, a clogged burner or airflow restrictions are at fault. Again with too many variables, a professional is better involve to fix the issues.
10. Frequent Cycling. A clogged filter could be causing the cycling modes to run off and on. Improper airflow or an incorrect thermostat setting could be at fault as well.

It is not too late to get your furnace scheduled for a tune up, check up or just a periodic maintenance service, call the professionals from Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning today in Springfield, Granby, Holyoke, South Hadley, Monson & Agawam Massachusetts!

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