How Does Humidity Affect Your Heating & Temperature Perception of the Air in Your Granby MA House?

We may only think about humidity in the summer time because it can not only cause us to feel uncomfortable outside but it can cause the air conditioning unit to work less effectively. The humidity can bog down the air conditioning and make it hard to cool the house down. The problem in the winter is really the opposite problem. The winter comes in and with it comes lower humidity. The humidity can make the room feel warmer or cooler, but it is usually working opposite of what you’re heating and cooling system is trying to do. The winter temperatures make the house cool way down and this is the time of year that people crank the heater on. The heater will work to heat the house up and there are several things to go into consideration as to how hard it has to work to get there.

Humidity Makes your Home Feel Colder in the Winter

When the humidity level drops outside it will also drop inside the house too. This means that the house will feel cooler than it really is because of the low humidity level. When the house feels cooler it will take the heater a bit longer to heat the house up and make it feel comfortable. You should be able to set the temperature in the home around 77 degrees but because the humidity is low you may need to up the temperature a few degrees for comfort.

Handling Indoor Humidity This Winter

The best way to handle the amount of humidity in your home is to have a home humidifier installed. This is something that can be installed in the home as part of the HVAC unit. Just like a dehumidifier works to remove the moisture in the air, a humidifier will add some moisture to the house. When it is added to the HVAC unit it will add some moisture to the air before it makes its way through the duct and into your home. A great benefit for installing a humidifier is that it will allow the heater to work less and heat the home more effectively. The other thing is because the heater has to work less to get the home more comfortable the less energy that you will be using. The less energy you use, the lower your energy will be and saving money is always a wonderful benefit.

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