Furnace Blower Short Cycling Troubleshooting & Fix in Springfield, MA; Overheating, Size & More

There are many problems that can arise with your furnace. In the winter, having a furnace that works well and efficiently is a top priority for many homeowners. One problem we often see with furnaces is called short cycling. This is a problem most people consider an air conditioner problem, but your furnace can run into the problem just as easily. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning is here to explain what short cycling is and how you can avoid this problem with your furnace.

Furnace HVAC Short Cycling Definition

It is completely normal for a furnace to turn on between three and eight times per hour when it is working properly. A furnace that is considered to be short cycling refers to how long the furnace stays on. If the furnace turns on and only stays on for about one minute only to turn off again, you may be struggling with a short cycle situation.

What Does it Mean when a New Furnace is Short Cycling?

When you get a brand new furnace installed, you don’t expect to have problems right away. Sometimes, you may notice you have short cycling with a brand new furnace when the furnace isn’t properly sized to your home. An oversized furnace uses too much energy while heating your home and will not distribute the heat evenly and turn off and on frequently. This will cause two problems, 1- it will drive up your energy bill and 2- it will create unnecessary wear and tear on your new system.

Overheating Can Cause Furnace Short Cycling

Your furnace is full of safety shut offs. If the system is getting too hot, your furnace is designed to shut of right away. If your furnace is overheating it can cause a crack in the heat exchanger which can be a deadly situation. Cracks in the heat exchanger can cause your furnace to leak carbon monoxide which is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly to anyone in the home. Overheating is generally caused by an air flow problem. You should always check your air filter to ensure you don’t need to change it to keep your furnace from overheating. Another cause could be covered interior vents as well as a blocked exhaust vent on the roof.

Thermostat Problems Can Cause Short Cycling

Sometimes your thermostat can be the cause of short cycling. If there is a malfunction of some sort with your thermostat it can mess up any signals that are being sent to the furnace itself. Problems can arise from thermostats that are too close to appliances like your stove and oven as well.

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If you are struggling with a furnace that is short cycling, it is time to call the professionals at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning. We have the experience and equipment to identify the problem immediately and get rid of any short cycling that you may be experiencing. Don’t bother with inefficient furnaces any longer. Call us today!

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