Advantages of Forced Air Furnace VS Steam Boiler Central Heating Systems in Holyoke, MA

Many people do not realize there is a possibility of two distinct heating systems in a residential setting. There is a furnace heating system and a boiler heating system and they are not one in the same, contrary to popular belief. What is the most optimal fit for your home should the heating system ever need replacing? Understanding the two different systems can help you when you need repairs or if you need a replacement. We at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to take an opportunity to discuss the fundamentals of the furnace and boiler.

Difference Between Boiler & Furnace Heating Systems

Boiler Heating System: Boilers and furnaces work considerably differently. Boilers produce hydronic heating, which when gas burners heat a large tank of water. The heat exchange process that warms your house is known as radiant heating. With the boiler heating system there are 2 ways for heat to be distributed through your home. One method involves under-floor pipes that heat up the floors, warming the room up. The other method is installed endpoints, much like radiators and baseboard heaters, produce heat throughout your home.
Advantages of Boilers: There several benefits to using a boiler, and those that have experienced both furnace and boiler heating systems say that utilizing the high-efficiency boiler installation is the superior method. Below are a few examples of the benefits of a boiler system.
1) A top quality boiler tank has a longer lifespan, even with the less maintenance involved, than other heating systems.
2) The heat transfer from radiant heating is more comfortable than forced-air heating according to many consumers.
3) Using a highly-efficient boiler requires less frequent repairs in comparison to the furnace because there are fewer moving parts.
Furnace Heating System: Gas furnaces are forced-air heating systems. This method moves heated or cooled air through the air ducts, which are the metal tube network throughout your home allows the treated air to be dispersed through vents. The furnace connects to the blower fan that also the air conditioner uses and is installed in a concealed location such as the attic space or crawlspace. Furnaces are offered in electric or gas-powered models. Gas furnaces ignite a burner where heat moves from there and through the heat exchanger. The blower fan sucks the air from your home and cycles it across the heat exchanger, to deliver the warm air.
Furnace Heating System Advantages: The furnace is the most common heating system used in homes and has several benefits; a few examples are included below.
1) The furnace takes up lesser space than a boiler, especially if a home is already designed for a furnace, complete with air ducts.
2) The furnace is a highly efficient method to heat a home, particularly when it is properly sized and sufficiently installed.
3) A furnace is more cost effective to install.

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