Switching from Furnace to AC in South Hadley, MA; Turning Off Furnace at End of Heating Season

As spring approaches and we will be using the furnace less and less, we will want to begin the maintenance aspects of putting the furnace to rest during the off season. To ensure it is in good condition and that it is ready when we use it next season, we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share some tips and advice for you.

How to Turn Off & Shut Down Furnace to Be Ready for Next Heating Season

1) Furnace Maintenance. Professional maintenance is the most ideal step when it comes to shutting down the furnace the season. We can perform a maintenance service where they will perform a comprehensive inspection. All moving parts are thoroughly assessed for performance and condition and replaced if needed, cleaned of debris, and lubricated where applicable. Though the furnace may seem like it has done its job all winter long, it has been used, expected wear and tear is likely over the cold winter months and even the extended use. Not only is it easier to replace these parts before they completely expire, but it will prevent additional damage from occurring like a domino effect and ultimately save you money in the long run. If these repairs are delayed, the furnace can be pushed over the limit where the parts give, other components malfunction, and now you have additional replacements or even worse scenarios, the whole furnace would need replacing.
2) Exterior Furnace System Checklist. For your part of the maintenance, start by looking for the condenser, combustion pipe or heat pump, which is one in the same; it is found on the exterior of your home. It allows for outdoor air flow to be brought inside. After you have found it, inspect for any obstructions or clutter and clear it out; make it as clean as you can. Weather conditions, leaves, dirt, sticks, and wildlife or insects inhabitants will build up and nest their during the fall and winter months, clearing out the debris is important as you want it free from clogs. Make sure the exterior flue is clean from the exhaust buildup.
3) Interior Heating System Checklist. Moving inside; start by replacing or cleaning your air filter if it is time. Your air filter should be replaced every three months at minimum, but it should be inspected monthly if you have many occupants, smokers, pets, or seem to have a lot of dust accumulate in your home. When you replace the filters, use the vacuum’s hose and clean off the vents. If you have a hard time remembering when to change the air filters, consider investing in Smart Thermostats that feature a reminder when it is time to change them, or at the very least, leave yourself a reminder where you will see it. Neglecting the filters will cause problems for your HVAC unit, indoor air quality, and impact your utility bill.

Furnace Heating Tune Ups, Repair & More in Springfield, Granby, Holyoke, South Hadley, Monson Chicopee & Agawam Massachusetts

When it comes time to have a professional inspect your furnace at the end of the season, you may also want to have them inspect the air conditioner to ensure it is ready to be used for the warm months ahead. Call in the experts of Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning today to let us get your furnace ready for the off season and air conditioning ready for the warm weather!

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