Furnace Troubleshooting in Westfield, MA; Why Do Furnaces Make Loud Noises & More

When you want to warm up the house on a cold winter day you can head to your thermostat and switch on the heater. You can adjust the temperature to make it comfortable for you and your family. This is a must have in the cold winter months and is just a part of life. There are other things that are staples in the winter like boots and hot cocoa. You want to make sure that the one thing that is keeping your home from being an ice box in good working condition. That means that have it maintained on a regular basis and make repairs when needed can help. When you let problems with your furnace go unattended you can end up with a cold house.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning List Common Furnace Problems

Why Does My Furnace Make a Loud Noise when it Turns On?: The first problem that some people will tend to ignore is a banging sound. The sound is something that comes when the unit first turns on. The heater is not something that runs when it is needed. That means that in a days’ time it can turn on several times. This means that the bang will occur each time. If you hear this sound you want to make sure that you have your furnace checked. The first problem is that it can be from dust that is being accumulated over the igniter. The gas will build up and this will cause a louder bang when the flame finally ignites. You want to make sure that it is repaired so that there is not gas running in the house, garage or basement of your home.
Furnace Making Clunking Noise: The next sound that can be difficult to ignore is when the unit starts to make a scraping sound when the unit is running. The sound comes when there is a problem with the fan blades. The blower fan is there to help move the air so that it can be heated and the cold air pulled out. The sound is coming from the blower fan when it has become loose from the casing. It is likely hitting the sides of the unit and making a scraping sound. It can also be if your fan blade has been damaged and there is a blade that is out of place. You want to make sure that you shut the unit off right away and call out a professional to have it repaired.
Furnace Running But Not Blowing Hot Air: When the heat is not being generated the unit is just not working right. The heat should match the thermostat allowing the house to warm up to a temperature you choose. When you notice that only cool air is coming out you need to have the unit looked at and the heating elements repaired or replaced.

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