How to Repair Furnace Dripping & Leaking Water when Heat is On in Winter in Agawam, MA

When you are using any appliance in your home you want to make sure that it is working correctly. The appliances that you are using are a great advancement and offer the ability to reduce how long something would otherwise take. People love to save time and that is why they are so important. You want to make sure there are not problems with the appliances for many reasons. One is so that you get what you are expecting. If you are cooking a meal you want the stove and oven to work right. If you are drying your clothes you want to open the door to fluffy, clean and dry clothes. When you click on your furnace you want nice warm air rushing out of the vents. When there are problems with the appliance it makes it so that they don’t work right but can be dangerous as well. The problem can cause heat to be produced creating a fire hazard while your gas fed appliances can make your family sick or worse. If you have a gas furnace you want to be very careful about a potential leak.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Tips for Gas Furnace Leak Repair

Why is My Furnace Leaking Water?: If you have a furnace that is being fed by gas you want to be careful and know the signs of a leak. There are several components that could end up causing a leak. One is if the pilot light goes out and the steady stream of gas that has kept it going is still going. The gas will slowly leak into the space. You can also have a problem with the connection on the gas line. There is a line that is being fed into the furnace that is carrying the gas. This has a valve that allows gas to come out when necessary. If there is a problem with the valve and where the connection is then it could cause gas to be leaking into the home. There could also be a problem with the actual line where there is a puncture. This will let the gas to leak out as well. You want to make sure that you act fast when you think gas is leaking for your safety.
Furnace Gas Leaking Symptoms: If you have a gas leaking in your house you will know and you want to act fast if you do. The smell of the natural gas that is used to produce heat with your furnace has no smell at all. That is why the company that sends the gas to your house adds an odor to it so that you can react if it is in fact leaking. The gas will have the smell of phosphor and if you don’t know what that is then rotten eggs is about the same. If you notice this smell and you don’t actually have rotten eggs in the house you want to open the doors and windows right away. Stay away from using anything that will create a spark until the smell has gone and the leak is under control.
How to Fix a Gas Leak: You want to contact the gas company right away and call out an HVAC company. They can make sure that the furnace is getting the gas it needs and the fixtures are repaired and replaced.

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