Gas Boiler Pilot Light On But Not Firing Up or Takes a Long Time to Ignite & More in Monson, MA

When a home heating system uses a boiler, one of the most common problems you can encounter is when the boiler’s pilot light won’t ignite. When the pilot light goes out your home’s heating system is useless, and the boiler will not create heat. If you can relight the pilot light, then there may be a problem that requires inspection or repair. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share what may cause a pilot light to fail and how to ignite the pilot light to get your home’s heating system back up.

Gas Boilers for Home Heating

The majority of boilers use gas to power the heating system. However, boilers also can use propane and electricity to power or fuel a boiler. For home’s that use a gas boiler, start by checking all the home’s gas supply lines. Check to see if the supply line to the boiler has been turned off. Occasionally the utility company may need to do some repairs and will shut off the gas supply to an entire area. Gas lines within the home shouldn’t get clogged. This will prevent the flow of gas and if damaged, the gas could leak out and not flow to the boiler. Inspect the gas lines for leaks and shut off the gas line immediately if the gas line has been damaged or your home can be at risk. Make sure to have the gas line repaired before turning the gas back on.

Boiler Constantly Needs Resetting

Most boilers have a manual reset switch that turns off the boiler and turns it back on again at the same time it re-calibrates the boiler. When a boiler pilot light goes out one of the simplest tricks is resetting the boiler system. If you cannot find a reset switch you can also turn off the gas or power supply and turn it back on.

Low Boiler Water Pressure

Boilers use water to heat up the inside of a home. Water is heated and then pumped through a piping system within the walls of the home. When the water inside the boiler evaporates, the pressure inside the boiler drops. When water pressure inside the boiler is too low it can prevent the pilot light from igniting. When a boiler won’t ignite have the water pressure inspected. It may require the addition of water. A HVAC technician can add the proper amount of water and make sure the boiler is calibrated correctly.

Clogged Pilot Light Tube

The light injector tube or fuel supply can get clogged up over time. Some particles such as dust and lint can burn up when it comes in contact with the pilot light and can cause erosion. The combustion from the fuel can also corrode the pilot tube. It is a common repair item for older boilers to need the pilot light tube replaced or cleaned. It is recommended you have an HVAC technician inspect and replace the pilot light and/or tube. If the tube and pilot light isn’t fitted correctly the gas can leak which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, or even a fire.

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