Is it Worth Replacing a 15 Year Old Furnace in Chicopee, MA that Requires Frequent Repairs?

When the time comes to replace your home’s furnace you may be looking to upgrade and seek out a more efficient heating unit. Another major consideration is if your furnace can be repaired and if it is a better option to fix than replace the furnace. There are a lot of questions when a furnace begins to go out or breaks down. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share what you should do before replacing a furnace to make sure you make the best decision for your home’s heating system.

Replace or Repair Furnace

When you have a furnace that fails you often consider whether or not to replace or repair the furnace first. When it comes to repairing a furnace it is usually only recommended if the cost of the repair is below 1/3 of the cost of replacing a furnace. If the repairs cost you around 2/3 or more to repair the furnace, it may be in your better interest to replace the furnace. If a furnace begins to fail and it’s a major investment to repair the furnace it will most likely require more repair in the near future. Before piling on the cost of repair, consider replacing the furnace. In the end it can save you more money than frequent major repairs.

Furnace Age

Another consider is the age of the furnace. On average a furnace’s life expectancy is between 15 and 20 years. The home, the environment and previous care can dictate how long a furnace can last. However, when a furnace begins to require costly repairs and it is over three-quarters of its life expectancy, it may be better to replace the furnace versus repairing it.

Furnace Efficiency

If you have an older furnace that you are replacing you can expect increased efficiency. Modern furnaces can improve efficiency as much as 80%, depending on the last time you replaced your furnace. When homeowner’s replace a furnace they will often want a bigger furnace in hopes they have better efficiency. This is not how heating an area works. In many cases it uses more energy than what is needed to heat up a small space. When replacing a furnace it is important to match the heating space to the furnace. When replacing a furnace, speak with a professional HVAC technician and get the right furnace for maximum efficiency for your home.

Air Duct Insulation

When replacing a furnace you have the perfect opportunity to have your air ducts and insulation inspected. For better efficiency check for leaks in the air ducts. often the heated air will leak out before it reaches the various rooms in the home. Poor air flow from a single vent could indicate an air duct leak. To ensure better efficiency make sure you have the air ducts checked. When inspecting the air ducts also have your home insulation inspected. The attic insulation helps maintain the interior temperature of the home. Make sure you don’t need to add or replace old insulation for better efficiency.

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When replacing or repairing your home’s furnace, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning. We can inspect and provide an honest opinion as to whether to replace or repair your home’s furnace. For all of your HVAC needs, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our services today.

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