Heat Stack Ventilation Effect During Winter in Holyoke, MA; Insulation & Maintenance of Furnace & Boiler Units!

Heat stack effect is a common problem in multi-story homes and can create a major problem for your home’s furnace and efficiency. For those who are unfamiliar with the heat stack effect and its problems, Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will give you more detail on this heating problem and what you can do to prevent or correct the problem if it occurs.

Defining Heat Stack Effect in Multi Story Houses & Commercial Buildings

The “Heat Stack Effect” is a major problem for buildings from skyscrapers down to multi-story homes. Heat stack effect is a condition in when the home or structure acts as a large chimney where the heat funnels up and out of the home or building. In turn this doesn’t heat the home properly. Heat stack effect occurs when the outside temperature is lower than the indoor temperature. Since cold air is much denser than warm air, the cold air enters from underneath the warm air and pushes the warm air upwards. When this phenomenon occurs the cold is pulled into the home while you’re trying to heat the inside of the residence. The taller the building, the worse heat stack effect is.

Problems of Heat Stack Effect; Less Efficiency, Higher Bills, Air Leaks

The immediate problem is quite obvious. While you try to warm your home you are pulling cold air inwards and losing out on the pretreated air which results in less efficiency and a higher utility bill. Even though that is the obvious problem, there are other resulting issues if this problem becomes long term. If the airflow is exceptionally strong it will put pressure on the building’s structure. Fine cracks, cracked weather stripping, and eroded masonry in the building structure can expand allowing air leaks to develop all over the home or building, in which the warm or conditioned air can escape out. With so many air leaks you will lose on heating or cooling efficiency all year long. This means you’re losing money all year long as well.

How to Reverse Heat Stack Ventilation

The best way to correct or prevent heat stack effect is to properly insulate your home or the affected building. Heat stack effect occurs when cold air enters into a warmer room or area. The best way to prevent this problem is not to allow cold air to get inside your home in the first place. Some of the common causes or places for leaks are in the air ducts, cracked ceilings, attic spaces, recessed light fixtures, or poor insulation in the floors, walls, or attic areas. Begin by sealing up all the drafts and repair or replace damaged or poor insulation. Insulation can degrade over time and as the home ages it may need to be replaced. Check windows and door weather stripping as well. One to check if the weather stripping is bad is to look at the door or window straight on and see if daylight peaks through. If so, this is a major gap for heated or conditioned air to escape through.

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Heat stacking is a much more common problem in multi-story home than what most people realize. To improve on your home’s heating efficiency, make sure it is properly insulated. For all of your HVAC inspections, repairs, or replacement needs, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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