Top Home Heating Furnace & Boiler Problems in Springfield, MA; Ignition Failure, Not Reaching Temperature & More

Have you ever come home from a long day thinking you can’t wait to get in the nice warm house only to realize that the heater, boiler or furnace is not working? Nothing is worse than having to deal with an appliance that is not working! We all seem to take for granted the things that we use on a daily basis and having the perfect temperature is one of them. When you are hot, a flip of a switch will turn the air conditioner on cooling your home down in a matter of minutes. When you are cold and want to warm up the heating system can take care of that no problem. Well unless there is a problem that is. The heating system is used all winter long to ensure that we all have a nice warm place to retire to after a hard day’s work. It is hard to sleep when you can’t seem to get warm so taking good care of your heating system is important. If you start to have problems with your unit it is best to have it repaired as soon as possible. You also should know what the most common troubles are so that you can deliver the message to an HVAC technician.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Common Heating System Problems & How To Identify Them

Gas Furnace or Boiler Ignition Failure: Many heating systems will use natural gas to run the appliance. The gas is ignited and that will send the heat through the home to warm up the space. One of the most common problems is trouble with the ignition. You could have a perfectly working appliance but if there is a problem with the ignition or even the pilot light there is no way to heat the home. If you have an electrical unit you can still have trouble with ignition from an electrical spark point. If the heater will not ignite you will not feel any heat at all coming out. If this happens to you and you suspect that it is from the ignition it is best to call out a professional. They can repair the ignition or relight the pilot light.
Furnace or Boiler Not Reaching Set Temperature: This is often a problem when you live in an area that has extreme lows. The temperature outside can be harsh enough that the unit is set to heat only within a certain set of parameters. The other issue can be from the size of the heating unit that you have. If you have a very large space and your heater is not the right size your home may never reach the temperature that you desire. You can consult with a professional HVAC technician to determine if your unit is the right size for the home you are trying to heat. You may need to have a new unit installed to fit the area that you want to heat.

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