Heater Smells Like Burning Rubber, Plastic, Rotten Eggs or Dust When Turned On in Chicopee, MA

When the weather changes to the cooler weather, the heater gets ramped up. The temperature outside your house is too cold to keep you comfortable and that is why you need to use the heater. If your heater is not working correctly your home will not reach the temperature that you want. It is important to have your heater inspected as well as repaired so your home is warm and your family is safe. Any appliance that uses gas or electricity has the possibility to become a hazard. There are several problems that you are potentially going to come across when you decide to start up and use your heating system. One of the issues is your heater may be emitting a smell and if it does you need to have your unit looked at right away.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Outlines Smells You Need to Be Concerned About When Using Your Heating System

Dead Animal Odor from Heater: This is a concern to you when you turn on your heater and there is a foul odor. The odor if is smells like a dead animal of some sort is not dangerous but is not something that you want your home to smell like. The dead animal smell is actually coming from a dead animal. Mice and rats are known for getting in your ducts to nest and if you have your home treated they often will die in the duct. When they are dead and decaying the smell that you will have in your home can be assaulting. There is a fix to this issue by having your duct checked and the animal removed.
Furnace Smells Like Dust: When your heater has been shut off all summer long it has collected dust in the vents, ductwork and on the unit itself. Then when you decide that you are ready to turn it on the heat from the heating system will heat up all of these areas. The dust will burn off and that will cause the smell in your home. The smell can be alarming but it is almost always something that will take care of itself after you run the unit a few times. You can also have the unit cleaned before you are ready to turn it on.
Furnace Smells Like Electrical Burning: This is a different smell of burning that can be a problem in your home. The electrical smell is usually from the components that are electrical such as wiring that are overheating and a potential fire hazard. You want to shut off the unit as soon as possible and have it inspected as soon as possible. You want to refrain from using your heater until it has been checked and repaired.
Furnace Smells Like Rotten Eggs: This is the worst and most alarming smell to have in your home. If you are using natural gas to heat your home and you smell the rotten egg smell you need to shut it off and open windows and doors to air out the house. The smell means you have a gas leak because the gas company adds odor to the gas that has no natural odor. It is very dangerous to your health if you remain in the area while the odor is still leaking out.

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