Home Central AC Compressor Failure in Pelham, MA; Replace Outside Condenser Unit & More

The compressor in your air conditioner is like the heart of the system. It’s what makes it work and if it fails your home can get uncomfortable very quickly. You have three options when your compressor fails. Each option will depend on the age of your air conditioner and the status of its warranty. There are also financial consequences that come with each option.

Option #1- AC Compressor Replacement

If the compressor is still under warranty you are in luck- chances are if your air conditioner is less than 10 years the compressor may still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty- if the other parts of the air conditioner are still working properly and you plan on keeping the system for a few more years, you should take advantage of the warranty and replace the compressor- you will need to pay for the labor but because the compressor is covered by the warranty -this is your best option financially -there are situation where the technician will discover that anther part caused the compressor to fail-you will also need to replace that part to ensure the new compressor will work

Option #2- Replace Outside AC Condenser Unit

What if your air conditioner is no longer under warranty and the compressor fails? You can still replace the compressor but you could also replace the entire outdoor unit and get a 10 year warranty on the new system- there are situations where the cost of replacing the outdoor unit won’t be much more than the cost of simply replacing just the compressor- it might make sense to replace the whole unit to get a better warranty- the technician will ensure that the outdoor unit will be compatible with the indoor unit.

Option #3- Replace Air Conditioner & Coil

Most compressors will fail when they get old- when that happens chances are that the rest of the components are on the verge of doing the same or are no longer under warranty- the cost of repair may be just as much as a new compressor or outdoor unit- older systems also use R-22 refrigerant which is now obsolete- that makes repairs expensive- if your out-of-warranty, R-22 system breaks down, the best option is to replace the air conditioner (indoor and outdoor units)- as costly as that is, it’s the best option financially; no one wants to pay for repairs on an aging air conditioner that uses refrigerant that has been discontinued.

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Something else to consider. If your furnace is the same age as the air conditioner you are replacing, it might make financial sense to replace it as well to save money on labor costs. Think about it, it’s been working as long as the air conditioner has been and is probably reaching the end of its life. Regular AC maintenance is the best way to avoid compressor problems but if your air conditioner has stopped working, you’ll need to figure out why. Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning can determine what the problem is let you know what your options are. Give us a call today!

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