How Do Furnaces Work in Homes in Easthampton, MA? Is a Gas the Same as a Propane Furnace?

Whether you need a new furnace or are trying to better the furnace you have, it helps to know about the inner-workings of a furnace. There are different types of furnaces and how they are fueled or powered. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the different types of furnaces and how a furnace works to heat your home for those who want to better maintain their furnace or are in need of a new furnace.

How Does a Furnace Work?

A furnace is a heating system for a residential or commercial building. A furnace is also sometimes referred to as a forced air furnace. There are other heating systems used to warm up a building or home, such as a heating pump and boiler, and are not to be confused with a furnace. There are different types of furnaces, and each works slightly differently. However, the goal is the same. Air is heated and then distributed through a ventilation system which is the air ducts. To understand how a furnace works, you will need to break down the types of furnace and how they work to bring your home and other buildings, warm air.

Is a Gas Furnace the Same as a Propane?

Both gas and a propane furnaces work the same. The only difference between these two units is that the gas furnace requires connection to a gas line, while the propane needs a storage tank. A gas or propane furnace uses fuel, which enters the burner to activate a heating cycle. The furnace will use the cold air inside the home, which is sucked up through the return vents. The air blows across the heat exchanger and is heated by the burning gas or propane. All of the exhaust produced during the heating process is ventilated through the flue. The blower will then take the warm air and distributes the warm air throughout the building. One of the benefits of using gas, is that it is cost effective. Propane burns a bit cleaner, is slightly safer and is just about as cost effective as natural gas. In the U.S. gas furnaces are one of the more popular types of furnaces.

Are Electric Furnaces Any Good?

An electric furnace uses electricity versus natural gas or propane to heat the home. An electric furnace uses a different method to create heat. One major difference is that the furnace uses a heating element to heat up the air in the home. A thermostat controls all heating and cooling systems. An electric furnace thermostat has a sequencer that allows power to go to the internal elements and the blower fan motor. The blower pulls the cold air from inside the home and sends it over the elements or coils. This will create the warm air that is then distributed throughout the building or home. An electric furnace also has a limit switch which is a built in safety system. If the temperature gets too high inside the furnace, it will shut the furnace down. There are many benefits to an electric furnace. It is more environmentally friendly than other furnaces, it doesn’t require a storage tank or gas supply line, and they tend to last longer.

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While these are two of the most common types of furnace used in the U.S., there are also oil fueled furnaces. When you need to maintain or replace your home’s furnace and need a quality HVAC service, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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