How Do You Clean & Maintain a Central Air Conditioner at the End of Summer Season in Ware, MA?

There is no way around it, when it comes to getting as many years as possible out of your AC system, maintenance is key. Not only will it benefit your AC unit to have maintenance done prior to the summer season, but it will also being incredibly beneficial to have end of season maintenance done as well. The maintenance we will do towards the end of the summer as you get ready for winter will look different then spring AC maintenance. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about what you need to be doing at the end of summer to get your AC ready to rest for the winter.

What to Expect from End of Summer AC Maintenance

Following are some of the ways you can get your AC system ready for the winter season:
– Power AC Down: It can be helpful to make sure that your central air conditioning system has been fully powered down so that even if somebody were to accidentally select the cool setting on the thermostat in the winter, you aren’t going to experience an AC unit that is attempting to start up.
– Change Air Filter: This is also a good time to take out the old filter that has been doing so much work the last month or so to remove particles from the air in your unit. Replacing it with a brand new one will give you the right start to winter. No one wants to start the winter off with a filter that hasn’t been changed since the summer time.
– Condensate Drain Inspection: Many homeowners don’t realize that their AC system works to remove humidity from the air as it cools your house down. This means that there is going to be moisture that needs to be drained away from the system. This is where the condensate drain comes into play. There should be a wide flat pan situated underneath the indoor air handler. This is where the moisture will go as it works its way to the condensate drain. You need to make sure that there is no standing water on this pan as it could become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew.if there is standing water, you more than likely have a clogged drain that needs to be taken care of.
– Clear Around the Outdoor Condenser Unit: You will also want to inspect the outdoor unit as well Make sure there are no twigs, branches, leaves, trash or other debris around the unit. You should also make sure that it is not going to be in a place where where things like icicles might fall onto it in the winter. If this is the case, consider covering it with a piece of plywood that offers the protection needed to keep it intact.

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