How Do I Get My Heating Back On? What to Do Before Switching from AC to Heat in Williamsburg, MA?

The transition from warm summer days to the chill air of fall and winter brings about a change in how we use our home HVAC systems. As the temperatures dip, it is time to shift from cooling to heating. But this switch is not as simple as just flipping a button on your thermostat as most people do. To ensure a smooth transition and to maintain the health of your HVAC system, here are some steps you should take when switching from air conditioning to the heating season. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share how you can properly transition from the cooling to the heating season.

How Do You Maintain an Air Conditioner when Not in Use?

Before you turn your air conditioner off for the season there are some step you should take to ensure the longevity of your cooling system such as:
• Clean or Replace Air Filters: Dust and allergens can accumulate over the summer. Ensure your filters are clean so your system can operate efficiently when it is time to cool again.
• Clear the Outdoor AC Condenser Unit: Remove leaves, twigs, and other debris from around the outdoor unit to prevent any blockages or potential damage.
• Professional AC Inspection: Having a technician inspect your air conditioner can help identify and address any issues before they become major problems.

How Do I Get My Heating Back On?

Once you have taken the needed steps when shutting down your air conditioner for the season, you will also want to prepare your heating system before the major heating season starts. Some of the key steps to help prepare your heating system are:
• Test Heating System Before it Gets Too Cold: Before the freezing temperatures hit, test your furnace to ensure it is working. It is better to identify issues now than during the middle of winter.
• Inspect Furnace Filters: Just like your air conditioner, your furnace has filters that need to be checked and replaced regularly. A clean filter ensures efficient operation and better indoor air quality.
• Check for Drafts: Feel around windows and doors for cold drafts. Seal any gaps with weather stripping or caulk to ensure your home retains heat.

Other Tips to Switch from AC to Heat

Inspect Air Ducts – Your ductwork plays a critical role in both heating and cooling. Ensure they are free from obstructions, leaks, or any signs of mold or pests. Clean ducts help in efficient heat distribution and improve air quality.
Reverse Ceiling Fans – If your ceiling fans have a reverse switch, use it. By reversing the direction to clockwise, the fan will push warm air down, helping to distribute heat evenly throughout the room.
Adjust Thermostat – As you transition to heating, reconsider your thermostat settings. Lowering the temperature at night or when you are away can save energy and costs. Consider investing in a programmable or smart thermostat to make these adjustments automatically.

Schedule Heating System Tune Up Maintenance

One of the most important steps before the heavy heating season starts is to schedule a professional maintenance check for your heating system. This can ensure it operates at peak efficiency and can help prevent potential breakdowns in the middle of winter.

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Transitioning from air conditioning to heating season requires more than just a thermostat adjustment. With proper preparation and maintenance, you can ensure your home remains cozy throughout the colder months and that your HVAC system operates efficiently. For help transitioning from the cooling to the heating season or other HVAC services, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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