How Does a Heat Pump Work in Granby, MA? Heating & Cooling Efficiency & More

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system in one. Manufacturers don’t combine a furnace with a conventional forced-air heating system and an air conditioner in a single cabinet. A heat pump uses the same components for both heating and air conditioning instead; very efficiently. We at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to relate how Whole-House heat Pumps work all year.

How a Heat Pump Works to Cool

Refrigeration works for the cooling process. The use of refrigeration to move heat is involved in the cooling process. Because cool is not an energy source, refrigeration does not create cooling. Cooling down a space in effect, however, heat can be moved from one place to another. Through the compressor, inside coil, and indoor coil, along with other components, the refrigerant cycles continuously. It can absorb heat from the air inside of your home and move that heat outdoors under the right temperature and pressure levels. The refrigerant transforms into a gas, as it evaporates indoors the warm air blows over the indoor coils and it absorbs heat from the air. From their it will condense back to its liquid form as the heat is released outside. To start the cooling process, that cools down a coil.

How a Heat Pump Heats

Refrigeration used for heating. Generally, heating systems use other sources to provide heat. A furnace uses burning fuel, combustion, or electronic resistance to generate heat. However, a heat pump uses the reverse process for cooling. To flow in the opposite direction a reversing valve allows refrigerant. In so doing, the heat found in the air around the outside unit of your home is absorbed by the refrigerant. The heat will deposit inside the home and blows throughout the air ducts.

Heat Pump Efficiency

The efficiency. Often an inefficient means for heating a home is electricity and heat pump uses electricity. Ductless systems use electricity differently however. Rather than generating heat, they move heat from place to place, which is a heating process that requires far less energy than heat production; making it more cost effective. With this method, according to Department of Energy, users experience save up 50% with the electric resistance heating. You can expect efficiency ratings to compare to new central air conditioners when you use your heat pump for cooling. Additionally, there are energy efficient models available.

Ductless Heat Pump Benefits

Ductless benefits. You can still get the efficiency and comfort of a whole-house heat pump even in homes that are ductless. The ductless mini split systems are hear pumps that are easily installed in homes without any vent system at all. To blow air directly into the room, the air handlers are mounted high up on the wall. Attached to a single outdoor unit are up to 4 of these devices. Through a small hole in the wall, they connect to the outdoor unit and refrigerant line so it can cycle just as it would with any conventional heat pump. It is far more efficient than a portable or room air conditioning or heating system.

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Heat pumps are more and more common to heat and cool homes. When you have trouble with your heat pump, call in the experts of Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning for an inspection and any necessary repairs.

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