How Does Insulation Help Your Air Conditioner Keep Your House Cool in Monson, MA; Seals Air Leaks & Prolongs Need for AC Repairs!

The air conditioning system in your home is a huge part of the electricity consumption. The unit uses electricity to run it and cool or heat the air. The air is then distributed around the home to get it to the temperature that you set the thermostat to. At the end of the month that ends up being quite a bit of energy. When you have the air conditioning unit running you would never open up all the windows. That is because the air you are cooling for your home will quickly escape. That means your air conditioning unit will have to run more often to try and cool the home down. You want to have your home sealed up when using your AC and some of that comes from the insulation. The walls are made of drywall and framing and that is not enough to keep the air cooled or heated in the home. The type of insulation that you have in your walls is a huge part of keeping your home energy efficient. The insulation allows the cooled or heated air to stay in the home longer and the AC unit can run less often.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Common Types Of Insulation to Help Minimize AC Repairs

Rolls or Batts Of Insulation: There is one type of insulation that is fairly standard to many homes and is called rolls or batts of insulation. It is an insulation that uses fiberglass or plastic fibers. They come rolled up or in pieces that are about two feet by four feet. They usually fit well in between the framing of the house. You can also cut the pieces to fit in areas that are smaller or need a little piece. This is a great type of insulation to use in a home that is newly renovated or being built. The exposed walls makes it easy to install.
Foam Board Insulation: If you are looking to add insulation to your homes floors and ceilings you may want to look into foam board. These are a sturdier type of insulation. It can be used in walls but the majority of the uses are on floors and low rise ceilings. They are made into boards that can also be cut to fit if needed.
Blown In Insulation: There is another type of insulation that is best used in areas that are hard to reach. If your attic is low on insulation or your walls need more you can use a blown in insulation. It is exactly what it sounds like. The insulation is blown into an area with a specialized tool. The great thing is there is no cutting or fitting of this type. The insulation is in smaller pieces and can fill any gap; large or small.

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If you want your air conditioning unit to be more energy efficient you want to start with proper maintenance. Then check on the insulation in your home to ensure that it is adequate. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning offers professional air conditioning and heating services. Contact us to schedule a spring tune up today!

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