What to Do if Air Conditioner Trips Circuit Breaker Immediately or After 5 Minutes in Chicopee, MA; Do You Need AC Repair?

All of the appliances and outlets in your home are part of the electrical system. Homes are outfitted with a circuit box that is full of breakers. These breakers help to secure the home from potential electrical problems when an appliance or outlet is pulling too much electricity. One of the appliances that pulls quite a bit of energy especially in the summer months is the air conditioner. The spring weather is here and that means that the units are getting switched from heat to cool. The components that are used to heat are different than some of the components for the AC. The temperatures is warming up and that means that the breaker may start to trip. You can’t come out and reset the breaker and go about your daily life. You need to understand what the problem is with the unit that would cause it to trip.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Some Reasons Your Air Conditioning Unit Could Trip Your Breaker

Dirty or Clogged AC Condenser: One of the main parts of the AC system called the condenser is most often times found outdoors. The unit is on the ground level in most homes and that means that there is the chance that debris can cause trouble. Not only the standard dirt and debris blowing around but you might deal with bushes and overgrowth. When the unit has dirt and debris, the unit is being stifled. The unit needs place to breathe so that the unit can cool down when it is running. This can cause the unit to pull more energy and over load the circuit which will cause it to trip.
Dirty Air Conditioner Filters: The filters are a big deal as well. The filters need to be cleaned and replaced often so that the air can flow freely. When the filters are covered in dust the air cannot run through and that means the home will not cool down. The AC will assume the home is not cooled down and that means it will continue to run too often. It can overheat and cause the breaker to trip.
AC Motor Is Overheating: When you think about the air conditioning unit there is one component that runs often. The motor is the part that is made to run for hours on end and is able to handle it when it is maintained properly. The motor is running any time the unit kicks on and sometimes it can run too hot. When this occurs the heat can start to damage the insulation that is surrounding the wiring. When the wires are exposed it can cause a short. That short then leads to the circuit to trip.
AC Compressor Hard Start: The compressor is part of the unit that pulls a large amount of energy when it kicks on. The one jump or energy will pull and get the unit started. The problem only exists when the breaker is not able to handle the amount of energy that is being pulled. That is when you know your compressor is hard starting and that causes the unit to pull more energy than that breaker can handle. It will trip and that means you need to have the unit repaired and the breaker reset.

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