How to get Your Air Conditioning Unit Ready for the Warmer Spring Weather in Agawam MA & Avoid Major AC Repair & Replacement!

The weather is just starting to change and warmer weather is on its way. After a long winter most people are ready to get warmed up and many times it moves to warm fairly fast. That also means that you may be getting ready to start up your air conditioner too. There are many things that you want to do in order to have your air conditioning unit working the most efficiently. If you are prepping your air conditioning unit and maintaining it the right way you will ensure that they unit lasts the longest time possible. This will save you money in the long run.

Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning has some tips on getting your air conditioning unit ready for the upcoming spring.

Change Out Air Conditioning Filters: This is a crucial part to making sure that your air conditioning unit is running well. Whether you are using the air conditioner or the heater, you need to be sure that you are changing out the filters on a regular basis. The filters are what is going to catch any debris and dust that potentially will be getting into the air. When the filters are not changed out the air that is being pushed through the filter is not being cleaned the way it was intended. During the winter the house is usually locked up and that means that there is more dust settling in the house. The spring is a great time to open up the windows and do some major cleaning. You want to be sure that you have a nice clean filter that is not going to send the same old dust out into the rooms of your home.
Check Your Thermostat Settings: When you are used to not checking on your thermostat because you have had the same temperatures outside for months you might have the setting wrong. Just because you have switched it over from heat to cool does not mean your work is done. You still need to go over the settings and be sure that the timer and temperatures are where you want them set to. This will ensure that you are getting what you want and not using more energy that needed.
Have Your Air Conditioning Unit Inspected and Maintained: This is the best step that you can take. When you have your air conditioning unit inspected by a professional they are able to look at the unit and see what could potentially be wrong and make the repairs before they escalate into larger problems.

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