How to Keep Rooms in Your Monson, MA House Cool this Summer; Air Conditioning & More

Summers can be brutal; the intense heat can make anyone uncomfortable. Many options require hefty costs, and though some may find the cost worth it, others struggle to keep comfort and cash at the same time. Well today we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to offer some tips on keeping cooler without sacrificing the pocket book.

Keep Cool Running Air Conditioner

Avoid using the air conditioner in its entirety is near impossible if you expect to be somewhat comfortable, but if you can use it less, all the better for your utility bill and reducing the wear on the HVAC system. Below you will find tips and suggestions for keeping cooler during the hottest time of the year.

Air Conditioning Efficiency Tips

Turn the air conditioner on when needed, but follow the simple steps to minimize cost.
1) If no one will be home for 2 hours or more turn the air conditioner off. If you have pets at home, do not shut it off, but notch up the temperature a few degrees to save cost, but keep the pets comfortable enough
2) Increase the temperature slightly during the hours you are asleep.
3) Keep plenty of portable fans around in the occupied rooms and consider installing ceiling fans.
4) Shut the AC off and open the windows when the weather permits.
5) Close shades and blinds during the day, especially where the sun has direct access.
6) If possible, only operate your oven, dryer, or other appliances that heat up during after the sun has gone done.

Don’t Set Your Thermostat to Extreme Temperatures

A fairly common mistake homeowners do is set the thermostat extremely low in the effort to expedite the cooling down process of the home when they return to a warm house. Unfortunately this technique does not work, in fact it only causes your system to over exert itself and consume more energy, without achieving your intentional goal.
Generally, people are comfortable with their thermostat set to 78°F; be sure to knock it up 5-10°F when no-one is home to see the savings add up every month.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Additional air conditioner efficiency tips: Keep your A/C use to a minimum by properly maintaining it by doing the following:
– Change the AC filter once a month to regulate airflow.
– Contact a professional at the start of any issues.
– Air conditioning maintenance needs to be scheduled once a year.

Tips to Keep Cool in Addition to Utilizing Air Conditioning

1) Alcohol and caffeine beverages should be avoided, they contribute to dehydration.
2) Never leave children or pets especially in a hot vehicle, and do not stay in a hot vehicle yourself without operating the air conditioner.
3) If strenuous labor needs to be done, try early morning or after dusk and be sure to take frequent breaks in the shade or indoors and drink plenty of water; avoid doing it in the middle of the day.
4) Be sure to wear sunscreen, breathable clothing and light colors, along with sunglasses and some kind of hat/sun visor if you know you are spending time outside.

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