Tips for How to Extend the Life of Your Central Air Conditioner in Chicopee, MA

When you find yourself in the thick of the summer, your air conditioner is your life line. This key component to your comfort is also an expensive system in your home. You, naturally, want to do anything you can to extend its life and get as many years as you can out of it. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning is here to share some tips to help you extend the life of your air conditioner.

Clean Your Central Air Conditioner

At least once a year, you are going to need to clean your air conditioner. This is even the case when you do what you can to protect your air conditioner from the elements. There will be dust accumulation as well as other debris that need to be cleaned from the unit to allow good air flow. Read the owner’s manual and be familiar with the system before starting a cleaning to avoid damaging the unit.

What Happens If You Don’t Change the Air Filter in Your House

When it comes to cleaning your air conditioner, making sure the air filter is clean is key. This key ingredient to your air conditioner acts as a protection that keeps dirt and other debris from entering the condenser coil and causing damage. This will also boost the energy efficiency of your unit which will, in turn, save you money.

Should I Cover My AC Unit in the Summer or Winter?

The worst thing for an air conditioner is to sit in the hot sun and unprotected from the elements. It takes a lot of energy to work to cool your house throughout the day and the beating sun doesn’t help keep the system cool. Planting some trees or bushes to offer your unit some shade will help protect it from weather and too much sun. In the winter, a cover can protect your AC unit for rain and snow.

Turn the AC System Off Every Now & Then

Allowing your air conditioning system to run constantly will wear it out prematurely. Take advantage of cooler nights and turn up the temperature whenever you are out of the house for long periods of time. Programmable thermostats are handy for controlling the temperature and allowing higher temperatures during times you know you won’t be home.

How Often Should I Have My Air Conditioner Serviced & Maintained?

To extend the life of your air conditioner, you need to maintain it properly. To do this, you need to have it inspected by a professional heating and air conditioning company like Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning to ensure there are no known issues that need to be taken care of. You should have your air conditioner inspected and maintained by a professional at least once a year to stay ahead of any problems before they turn out to be large repairs.

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It is important that you maintain your air conditioner so you can get as many years out of it as possible. The experts at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning can ensure your unit is working as efficiently as possible and fix any problems that may be present. Call us today!

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