Benefits of HVAC Zoning System in Agawam, MA; Increased Indoor Comfort & More

There are many additives to your central air conditioner that can enhance its efficiency, improve indoor air quality, or even increase the energy efficiency. With so many different options available, your home or business will have maximum comfort. Today, we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to discuss the Zoning System option for your HVAC system.

What is an HVAC Zoning System?

The HVAC zoning system, or sometimes referenced as zoned HVAC, is a cooling and heating system that redirects air to specific areas of the home by the regulation of dampers in the ductwork. With the use of customized temperature zoning systems throughout your home, you can significantly increase the efficiency and comfort.

A handful of benefits stemming from investing in HVAC zoning systems include the following:
1) Indoor Comfort. Zoning systems is ideal if you are continually fighting with your home or business’s uneven temperatures, zoning systems are especially helpful in larger business and multi-story homes. For example, people that leave in a two story home notice during the summer heat that the first floor is often comfortable and cooling the home at the set temperatures indicated on the thermostat, but the second floor feels much like a sauna. Where there are a few things you can to alleviate the situation, the best remedy is installing a zoning system. It is customized for the individual building and to meet the need of the owner; optimally to ensure comfort.
2) Thermostat Convenience. Zoning systems are equipped with multiple thermostats to dictate specific temperatures throughout the home or commercial building. By having a few thermostats within reach, the convenience of having more than one thermostat can be a convenient advantage. Back to the two story home analogy, where typically there is one thermostat downstairs to make the adjustments, there will be at least one other additional thermostat upstairs so in the middle of night you don’t have to trudge downstairs half tired.
3) Efficiency. There are several aspects that apply to efficiency. For starters the efficiency of your HVAC system in general will be very noticeable. The home or business will feel even with selected temperatures, your system will easily keep up with the demand. Then there is the energy efficiency; if you are looking for methods on doing your part in conserving energy without sacrificing comfort, the zoning system is a perfect fit. After reviewing the results of studies conducted, zoning systems additions have saved some participants as much as 30% on their utility bills. Not only will you conserve the energy but you will be rewarded with reduced operating costs.

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In a nutshell, there is nothing to lose if you are considering a zoning system installation. With increased comfort, convenience, and reduction of energy consumption, the zoning system is perfect for any residential or commercial property owner. If you want further information, contact Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning and let our specialists consult with you. All of your questions will be answered and we can decide together if the zoning system is what you need.

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