How to Use Central Air Conditioner Effectively, Efficiently & Economically in Monson, MA

There comes a time of the year when we rely on the air conditioning system to keep cool and comfortable. When the cooling system is properly maintained, cared for, and properly sized, it can be left in optimal condition for its projected lifespan. Part of the care is ensuring the cooling system is not overly strained during operation. Reducing the strain on the cooling system will improve performance, energy efficiency and reduce the need for repairs. To help you avoid straining the air conditioning system, we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share some tips.

Tips to Reduce Strain on Your Central Air Conditioning System

1) Check the quality insulation. To cut down the strain down on your AC system, consider the insulation in your home and update the quality or the volume if necessary. Garage doors, walls, and unfinished attic spaces can help reduce the strain on your system. The weather stripping around the doors and windows need to be in ideal condition because the seal keeps the warm air out and contain the cool air.
2) Schedule professional AC services. Once a year, it is recommended that you schedule the various professional services including maintenance, tune-ups, and inspection services throughout the year to avert straining the cooling system. During these services professionals inspect the ducts, the A/C interior and exterior for any signs of decay or damage in addition to refrigerant and other necessities.
3) Reprogram thermostat. Adjust the thermostat whenever the home is empty for more than two hours and when everyone is asleep. Turn the temperatures up 5-8 degrees so it isn’t running as cool, straining the system unnecessarily, as there is no need to keep the air conditioner running when everyone is out. Most have a routine schedule when the house is empty. They also have set times when they sleep for the night. During these times, push the air up several degrees to also save on energy. Reprogram or set your smart thermostat to reflect the temperature while you are away.
4) Replace air filters regularly. The air conditioning system can be strained without proper air flow due to clogged filters. Check on the filters once a month and replace them as often as needed. Buildup on the filters increases energy use in addition to putting the strain on the cooling system.
5) Reduce heat generation during the hottest points of the day. The workload of your cooling system can equally be contributed to the small things in daily life. During the hours when the sun shines through the windows, closing the blinds can help. If possible avoid doing activities that generate heat during the hottest parts of the day; these activities include cooking, running the dishwasher, or dryer, as well as showering.

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These are just a few ideas to how you can lessen the strain on the air conditioning system. When your system is in need of professional services, especially as we head into spring and warmer weather ahead, Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning is readily available to schedule your air conditioning maintenance service.

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