Why is Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside & How Do You Fix in South Hadley, MA?

Your air conditioning unit is necessary for a home especially in the warm months. You want to make sure that you keep your house nice and cooled off so you can be comfortable when you come home. The great thing about it is that as long as you do what you can to keep it running right it will do the job. Most people will often times ensure that their unit is tuned up and maintained when the weather starts to change. The unit will need to be checked on a regular basis and maintained if you want to have it working efficiently. When you do that you can ensure you are not wasting money on energy costs for the unit needing to work harder for the same change in temperature. There are some signs of trouble that you need to be aware of so that you can call out a professional to make the needed repairs.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Lists What Might Be Causing Your AC Unit to Leak Water

Drain Pipe is Clogged: The air conditioning unit is taking the hot air that is accumulating in the house and cooling it down before it is sent back in. The warmer air mixed with cooled air will create some condensation that needs to be able to drain somewhere. The great thing is that when the air conditioner was manufactured they planned for this. The unit is placed with a drain that is able to collect the water or condensation and allow it to flow out and soak into the ground. The problem can exist when the drain that is supposed to collect the condensation is clogged, blocked or damaged. The water can no longer exit and will get re-routed to an addition drain. The secondary drain should not be used and when it is there is a problem. This secondary drain is usually placed above a window that when it drips will not be missed. If you see this happening you want to be sure that you have your unit looked out and the drain cleared out.
Frozen AC Coils: The other problem that some people will find with their unit is when the weather outside is hot and you want to cool your home way down. This can lead to the coils freezing over and causing ice to form. The ice will overtime start to melt and that can cause the water to leak from areas that it is generally not supposed to. The ice should not form and if it does you want to make sure that your unit is inspected and repaired right away.
Broken Or Damaged AC Seals: The next problem that you might find is when there is a break or damage to any of the seals on the unit. The seals are needed so that the warm air being taken outdoors it is sent to the right area. The issue is when there is a break in the seal and the air leaks out. This will cause the unit to sweat and create condensation that will leak under the unit. You will need to have the seals replaced with a new one.

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