HVAC Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep in Hampden, MA; AC Temperature Setting, Humidity & More

Many residents in Massachusetts complain about uncomfortable or restless nights where they do not get a good night’s sleep due to the fluctuating range of temperatures. However, your home’s HVAC system can help provide a better night’s sleep by following these four basic tips. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share how you can get a better night’s sleep throughout the year and all throughout Massachusetts’s seasons.

How to Tweak HVAC for Better Sleep

Temperature – Researchers claims that most people sleep best when the temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees. Human bodies naturally cool down while you’re sleeping. Therefore, the hot summer nights can cause the body to stay too warm. This in turn leads to restless nights. It is recommended to have the temperature in your home drop down before your regular sleep time to ensure the room is at the right temperature for a more comfortable night’s sleep. If you’re one of those who like the circulation or the gentle humming of fans, remember that fans will drop the room’s temperature, so make the adjustments if needed. Keep in mind that everyone’s body regulates temperatures differently, which is why it is up to the homeowner to find what temperature provides them with the best night’s sleep.
Humidity – Humidity plays another major role in our comfort. If the room contains high levels of humidity, it can make the room feel stuffy and for some, it becomes somewhat laborious to breathe. On the other hand, dry air causes the nose, throat, and skin to dry out as well, which leads to discomfort. Again, researchers report the comfortable level of humidity in a home is between 40% and 50%, especially for sleeping. If you just want to make the night more comfortable, purchase a hygrometer to measure the rooms humidity. From there you will know if you need to add or decrease the humidity in the room. There are a number of devices that either are designed to add or take away humidity or do both. Like temperature, are body will react to humidity levels differently than other people. Make adjustments to your home’s humidity level until you find what is comfortable to you.
Fans – Portable fan and ceiling fans help cool down a room and even circulates the air. Many people notice when the air has become stagnate and find this stagnate air uncomfortable. Fans are an efficient way to both lower the temperature without using the air conditioner and circulate air providing fresher air as you sleep. During the winter ceiling fans can be put in reverse providing air circulation without cooling the room down.
Air Filters and Air Ducts – By maintaining cleaner air filters and having your air ducts cleaned removes a ton of dust and contaminants that contribute to indoor allergies. Many suffer from improper sleep due to allergies that is coming from their air ducts and dirty air filters. For better sleep, improving your home indoor air quality can greatly help.

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Sleep is very important. Poor sleep can affect work, school or other activities we engage in. To help achieve better sleep, listed above are a few tricks you can implement involving your home HVAC system. If you need help cleaning and maintaining your home’s HVAC system, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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